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How to pronounce racist (audio)


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Dictionary definition of racist

Discriminating against, marginalizing, or negatively judging individuals or groups based on their race or ethnicity.
"The police officer was fired for using racist language while on duty."

Detailed meaning of racist

When something is deemed racist, it signifies an unfair and prejudiced stance that perpetuates inequality and fosters a sense of superiority of one racial group over others. Racism can manifest in various forms, including systemic, institutional, and individual levels, and it often results in unequal treatment, unequal access to resources, and perpetuation of harmful stereotypes. Recognizing and addressing racism is crucial for promoting social justice and equality, as it challenges the harmful biases and discriminatory practices that contribute to a divided society and hinder the full potential of all individuals regardless of their racial background.

Example sentences containing racist

1. Racism is a harmful belief system that perpetuates discrimination.
2. Discrimination based on race is morally wrong and racist.
3. Racist attitudes have no place in a just and equal society.
4. Combatting racist ideologies requires education and empathy.
5. Racist actions harm marginalized communities.
6. Systemic racism persists in many societal structures.

History and etymology of racist

The adjective 'racist' has a relatively modern etymology, emerging in the early 20th century as a product of social and political developments. It derives from the noun 'race,' which was initially associated with the categorization of human populations based on physical characteristics and ancestry. The suffix '-ist' is used to form nouns or adjectives denoting a person who holds a particular belief or engages in a particular practice. Therefore, 'racist' denotes an individual who subscribes to or practices racial discrimination, marginalization, or negative judgment based on one's race or ethnicity. Its emergence in the 20th century reflects the growing awareness of racial issues and the need to describe and confront such prejudiced attitudes and behaviors.

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Further usage examples of racist

1. Denouncing racist behavior is essential for social progress.
2. Promoting diversity and inclusion combats racist practices.
3. Implicit bias can contribute to unintentional racist actions.
4. Racist stereotypes perpetuate harmful misconceptions.
5. Racist incidents should be reported and addressed promptly.
6. Celebrating cultural diversity counters racist narratives.
7. Racist language can cause emotional harm and division.
8. Working towards racial equity means dismantling racist systems.
9. A society free from racist discrimination benefits everyone.
10. Listening to the experiences of marginalized groups is crucial in combating racism.
11. Racist ideologies can lead to violence and injustice.
12. Education about racial history helps confront racist legacies.
13. Racist attitudes can hinder social progress and unity.
14. We must actively challenge and reject all forms of racism.
15. The racist remarks made by the politician were widely condemned.
16. The company was sued for racist hiring practices.
17. The student was disciplined for making racist comments in class.
18. The movie was criticized for its racist portrayal of a minority group.
19. The school implemented policies to address racist bullying.
20. The professor's lecture on race was accused of being racist by some students.
21. The restaurant received negative reviews for its racist treatment of customers.
22. The athlete faced backlash for making racist gestures during a game.
23. The community organized a protest against a local business accused of racist practices.
24. The comedian's racist jokes sparked controversy and calls for a boycott.



discriminatory, egalitarian, non-discriminatory, anti-racist


Suffix -ist, Conduct and Character, Social Hierarchy and Relationships, Prejudice and Bias

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