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How to pronounce raze (audio)


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Dictionary definition of raze

To completely demolish or destroy a building, structure, or area, often to the point where nothing remains standing.
"The authorities had to raze the unstable building for safety reasons."


Detailed meaning of raze

When something is razed, it undergoes a process of deliberate and thorough destruction, typically to clear a space or remove any trace of what once existed. This term is often used in the context of urban development, where old buildings are razed to make way for new construction, or in military operations when a target is razed to eliminate any strategic advantage. 'Raze' emphasizes the idea of leveling or wiping out everything in its path, leaving behind a blank slate or a barren landscape where the previous structure or site no longer exists in any recognizable form.

Example sentences containing raze

1. The demolition crew was brought in to raze the old building.
2. The invading army aimed to raze the enemy's fortifications.
3. The decision was made to raze the dilapidated warehouse and build a new facility.
4. The city council voted to raze the abandoned structures in the neighborhood.
5. The bulldozers moved in to raze the condemned houses.
6. The government ordered the military to raze the rebel stronghold.

History and etymology of raze

The verb 'raze' has its origins in the Middle English word 'rasen,' which was influenced by the Old French word 'raser.' Ultimately, these words can be traced back to the Late Latin term 'rasare,' meaning 'to scrape' or 'to shave.' In the context of 'raze,' it conveys the idea of completely demolishing or destroying a building, structure, or area to the point where nothing remains standing. The etymology of 'raze' draws a vivid picture of the action involved, as it implies a thorough and methodical process, akin to the act of scraping away or shaving down to remove all traces, leaving a clean slate or empty space where the structure once stood.

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Further usage examples of raze

1. The fire had spread rapidly, threatening to raze the entire village.
2. The ancient civilization fell, leaving only ruins to raze.
3. The developers planned to raze the forest and construct a shopping mall.
4. The destructive storm would raze entire communities to the ground.
5. The dictator ordered his forces to raze the dissenting villages.
6. The construction crew had to raze the existing foundation to start anew.
7. The authorities took immediate action to raze the illegal settlement.
8. The earthquake's tremors threatened to raze the fragile structures.
9. The invasive species began to raze the native vegetation.
10. The rebels aimed to raze the government buildings as a symbolic act.
11. The military campaign sought to raze the enemy's infrastructure and supply lines.
12. The vandals vandalized the park, attempting to raze the playground equipment.
13. The war-torn city was left in ruins, as if a fire had razed everything.
14. The farmers had to raze the old barn to make space for a new one.



demolish, build, construct, erect


Ravage and Ruin, Endings and Transitions, Destruction and Devastation

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