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How to pronounce recipe (audio)


Dictionary definition of recipe

A set of instructions or a formula that outlines the specific ingredients and procedures required to prepare a particular dish or beverage.
"The chef revealed his secret recipe for the famous sauce."

Detailed meaning of recipe

Recipes serve as a guide for cooking or baking, providing detailed steps and measurements to achieve a desired outcome. They typically include a list of ingredients, along with the necessary quantities and any special techniques or cooking methods. Recipes can be found in cookbooks, online platforms, or handwritten notes, and they allow individuals to recreate a specific culinary creation or experiment with their own variations. Whether it's a family heirloom passed down through generations or a new recipe discovered online, recipes are essential tools for those seeking to prepare delicious and consistent meals, enabling them to follow a structured framework to achieve culinary success.

Example sentences containing recipe

1. She followed the recipe to make a mouthwatering chocolate cake.
2. The cookbook had a wide variety of recipes for every occasion.
3. I shared my favorite cookie recipe with my friend.
4. The recipe called for fresh herbs and spices to enhance the flavor.
5. I need to find a recipe for a vegetarian lasagna.
6. The recipe instructed to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

History and etymology of recipe

The noun 'recipe' has a fascinating etymology rooted in Latin. It derives from the Latin phrase 'recipe,' the second person singular imperative form of the verb 'recipere.' 'Recipere' consists of 're-' meaning 'back' or 'again' and 'capere' meaning 'to take.' In its original form, 'recipe' was used in medical texts as a command to 'take' certain ingredients or substances. Over time, this evolved into its modern culinary usage, where it refers to a set of instructions or a formula that outlines the specific ingredients and procedures required to prepare a particular dish or beverage. The term retains its essence of guiding one in the process of 'taking' the necessary components to create a culinary masterpiece, a linguistic journey that connects ancient medical practices to the art of cooking.

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Further usage examples of recipe

1. She experimented with the recipe by adding extra garlic for a bolder taste.
2. We exchanged recipes at the cooking class.
3. The recipe suggested using almond milk as a dairy-free alternative.
4. The recipe required precise measurements to ensure the perfect balance of flavors.
5. He wrote down the recipe on a notecard for future reference.
6. I discovered an old family recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
7. Her secret recipe for spaghetti sauce is simply delicious.
8. Can you share your recipe for homemade tomato soup?
9. Baking bread from scratch requires a good recipe.
10. I'm experimenting with a new pancake recipe this morning.
11. Grandma's recipe for apple pie is a cherished tradition.
12. Let's try a new recipe for chicken curry tonight.
13. The recipe calls for fresh basil from the garden.
14. I'm following a vegan recipe for creamy mushroom risotto.
15. The secret ingredient in this recipe is truffle oil.
16. His famous barbecue sauce recipe is a well-kept secret.
17. We need to find a recipe for gluten-free brownies.
18. The chef's signature recipe is a work of art.
19. This recipe requires marinating the meat overnight.
20. Can you email me that recipe for lemonade, please?
21. I'm on a quest to perfect the ultimate pizza recipe.
22. She's known for her unique recipe for spicy salsa.
23. We should swap our favorite soup recipes sometime.
24. The recipe book is filled with culinary inspiration.
25. I'm following a classic French recipe for coq au vin.

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