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remember, forget, overlook, neglect


TOEFL 5, Attention and Focus, Recollect and Ruminate, Thought and Mind



How to pronounce recollect (audio)


Dictionary definition of recollect

To remember or retrieve information, memories, experiences, or details from the past.
"He struggled to recollect the details of the incident."

Detailed meaning of recollect

When someone recollects, they are intentionally bringing to mind something that they had previously known or experienced. This process often involves a conscious effort to recall specific events, facts, or emotions that may have faded from immediate memory. Recollection is an essential mental function, allowing individuals to access their personal history and the knowledge they have acquired over time. It can also be associated with nostalgia, as it often involves reflecting on past experiences and emotions, leading to a sense of connection with one's own history and identity.

Example sentences containing recollect

1. I recollect the moment we first met.
2. They recollect the stories their grandparents told them.
3. She will recollect her childhood memories during the interview.
4. We often recollect our favorite vacation destinations.
5. The professor asked the students to recollect the main points of the lecture.
6. He would recollect his dreams upon waking up.

History and etymology of recollect

The verb 'recollect' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'recollegere,' which combines 're-' (meaning 'again' or 'back') and 'collegere' (meaning 'to gather' or 'to collect'). Therefore, 'recollect' etymologically signifies 'to gather back' or 'to collect again.' In contemporary usage, 'recollect' describes the act of remembering or retrieving information, memories, experiences, or details from the past. The etymology of 'recollect' emphasizes the idea of bringing together or gathering again aspects of one's past, highlighting the process of memory retrieval and reflection on past events or knowledge.

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Further usage examples of recollect

1. My grandmother can recollect events from her youth with great detail.
2. The writer will recollect the experiences that shaped his novel.
3. The historian likes to recollect anecdotes from the past.
4. We should recollect the lessons learned from our past mistakes.
5. The children eagerly recollect their adventures from the summer camp.
6. She loves to recollect the moments of laughter shared with her friends.
7. The scientist will recollect the data from the previous experiment.
8. The photographer can recollect the emotions captured in each picture.
9. The actor recollects the lines of his character before going on stage.
10. They recollect the milestones achieved throughout their career.
11. I sometimes recollect the wisdom shared by my mentors.
12. The archaeologist asked the team to recollect artifacts from the excavation site.
13. He can recollect the lyrics of every song from his favorite band.
14. The athlete recollects the feeling of victory in their most memorable race.

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