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How to pronounce remiss (audio)

Dictionary definition of remiss

Negligent, careless, or lax in fulfilling one's responsibilities, duties, or obligations.
"The doctor was remiss in not ordering the necessary tests."

Detailed meaning of remiss

When someone or something is labeled as "remiss," it suggests a failure to meet expected standards or a disregard for tasks and commitments that should have been attended to. This term often conveys a sense of disapproval or criticism, as it implies a lack of diligence or attention to detail. Being remiss can result in negative consequences, as it may lead to errors, missed opportunities, or the neglect of important matters. Therefore, it underscores the importance of being vigilant and conscientious in meeting one's responsibilities to avoid any potential repercussions.

Example sentences containing remiss

1. The employee was remiss in submitting the project on time.
2. It would be remiss not to thank those who helped us.
3. His remiss attitude led to missed opportunities.
4. Being remiss in following safety protocols can be dangerous.
5. She was remiss in checking her emails regularly.
6. Failing to address the issue would be remiss of us.

History and etymology of remiss

The adjective 'remiss' has its roots in Latin, specifically from the word 'remissus,' which is the past participle of 'remittere.' 'Remittere' is formed by combining 're,' meaning 'back' or 'again,' and 'mittere,' meaning 'to send.' In Latin, 'remissus' originally meant 'sent back' or 'relaxed,' signifying the idea of something being loosened or less tightly controlled. As the term entered English, it came to describe individuals who are negligent, careless, or lax in fulfilling their responsibilities, duties, or obligations. 'Remiss' refers to a lack of diligence or attention, often implying that someone has not sent forth the effort or care required for a task. The etymology of 'remiss' emphasizes the concept of relaxation or slackening, highlighting the failure to maintain the necessary level of commitment or vigilance in one's responsibilities.

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Further usage examples of remiss

1. It's remiss of parents not to teach their kids manners.
2. The government was remiss in addressing the healthcare crisis.
3. The teacher was remiss in grading assignments promptly.
4. He was remiss in acknowledging her hard work.
5. Being remiss with finances can lead to debt.
6. It's remiss to overlook the importance of mental health.
7. The company was remiss in addressing employee concerns.
8. Neglecting self-care is being remiss about one's well-being.
9. The mayor was remiss in addressing the city's infrastructure.
10. Failing to plan for retirement would be remiss.
11. The coach was remiss in preparing the team for the match.
12. She felt remiss for not attending the important meeting.
13. Being remiss in communication can lead to misunderstandings.
14. He would be remiss in his duties if he didn't inform the authorities about the situation.
15. She was remiss in her responsibilities as a parent.
16. The company was remiss in its safety regulations, leading to the accident.
17. The teacher was remiss in not noticing the student's struggles.
18. He was remiss in not double-checking the numbers before submitting the report.
19. The government was remiss in not providing adequate resources for the relief effort.
20. She was remiss in not thanking her host for the dinner party.
21. The company was remiss in not addressing the customer's complaints.
22. He was remiss in not taking the necessary precautions before the storm.
23. The organization was remiss in not including more diverse perspectives in the discussion.
24. She was remiss in not informing her colleagues of the change in plans.



negligent, diligent, attentive, conscientious


ACT 16 (American College Testing), High School 15, Responsibility and Obligation

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