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degenerate, virtuous, moral, upright


GRE 6 (Graduate Record Examination), Fear and Ferocity, Rejection and Renunciation, Decline and Decay, Anguish and Despair, Scorn and Censure, Disgust and Aversion, Degenerate and Deplorable



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Dictionary definition of reprobate

A person who is morally corrupt, wicked, and beyond redemption.
"The reprobate's mind was consumed with thoughts of deception and betrayal."

Detailed meaning of reprobate

The noun "reprobate" refers to This individual has a character marked by persistent wrongdoing, depravity, and disregard for ethical and social norms. The term can also be used to describe a person who is rejected by society or a group because of their despicable behavior. In some religious contexts, "reprobate" is used to refer to someone who has been condemned by God and deemed unworthy of salvation. The word "reprobate" carries a strong negative connotation and is often used to condemn individuals who engage in heinous and morally reprehensible actions.

Example sentences containing reprobate

1. The townspeople labeled him a reprobate after his scandalous deeds.
2. Some called him a rogue; others, a reprobate.
3. In literature, the reprobate character often faces downfall.
4. No one wanted their child associating with a reprobate.
5. The village was wary of the reprobate's return.
6. Many believe that a true reprobate is beyond redemption.

History and etymology of reprobate

The noun 'reprobate' has an etymology that traces back to Latin and carries a strong moral connotation. It is derived from the Latin word 'reprobus,' which combines 're,' meaning 'again,' and 'probus,' meaning 'good' or 'upright.' Thus, 'reprobus' originally referred to someone who had fallen from a state of goodness or uprightness. Over time, this term evolved to describe individuals who were morally corrupt, wicked, and beyond redemption. The etymology of 'reprobate' highlights the idea of a person who has deviated from a virtuous path and is considered lost or irredeemable in terms of their moral character, emphasizing the severe moral judgment associated with the term.

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Further usage examples of reprobate

1. The tale spun around the adventures of a charming reprobate.
2. The priest tried, in vain, to reform the reprobate.
3. History is rife with tales of reprobates turned heroes.
4. The reprobate's actions cast a shadow on the family's name.
5. Even amongst pirates, he was considered a reprobate.
6. Rumor has it that the mansion was bought by a reprobate.
7. The reprobate, once loved, was now shunned by all.
8. Legends often spoke of a reprobate who haunted the woods.
9. Her novel featured a reprobate as the surprising protagonist.
10. The town council was compromised when the reprobate joined.
11. Not all reprobates are as wicked as tales make them seem.
12. The reprobate's antics were a source of local gossip.
13. Redemption seemed a distant dream for the wayward reprobate.
14. The reprobate's past was filled with betrayal and deceit.
15. Every village has its share of tales about a resident reprobate.
16. She was warned against falling for the charm of a reprobate.
17. Despite his status as a reprobate, he had a loyal following.
18. The elder's tales often featured a reprobate seeking forgiveness.
19. Children were often told cautionary tales of the town's reprobate.

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