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mischievous, honest, sincere, trustworthy


Suffix -ish, GRE 9 (Graduate Record Examination), Character Traits and Behavior, Charm and Charisma



How to pronounce roguish (audio)


Dictionary definition of roguish

Possessing a charming, mischievous, and often slightly deceitful or rebellious nature.
"She raised an eyebrow with a roguish smile, hinting that she was up to something mischievous."

Detailed meaning of roguish

A roguish individual typically exudes an air of playfulness and adventure, often accompanied by a sly smile or a twinkle in their eye. They tend to engage in unconventional or daring behavior, occasionally bending or breaking the rules to suit their own desires or to achieve their goals. While their actions may be seen as questionable or even untrustworthy by some, their roguish charm and charismatic demeanor often make them irresistible to others. Whether it be a swashbuckling pirate, a smooth-talking con artist, or a clever trickster, the term "roguish" captures the captivating allure of those who embrace their mischievous side with an endearing flair.

Example sentences containing roguish

1. The pirate’s roguish grin made him appear both menacing and charming at the same time.
2. His roguish charm and quick wit made him the life of the party.
3. The street vendor had a roguish demeanor, and you couldn't tell if he was offering a bargain or a scam.
4. With a roguish glint in his eye, the magician pulled a rabbit out of the hat.
5. The character in the novel is a roguish hero who steals from the rich to give to the poor.
6. The cat gave a roguish look before pouncing on the unsuspecting yarn.

History and etymology of roguish

The adjective 'roguish' has a charming etymology that connects it to the world of rogues and rascals. Its origins can be traced back to the Middle English word 'roge,' which referred to a dishonest or unprincipled person, essentially a rogue. Middle English 'roge' was influenced by the Old French word 'roguer,' which meant 'to wander about as a vagabond' or 'to play truant.' The term 'roguish' evolved from the characterization of these rogues and rascals, describing someone who possessed a charming, mischievous, and often slightly deceitful or rebellious nature. It captures the essence of a person who may not always follow conventional rules but does so with a certain charisma and allure. Today, 'roguish' is used to describe individuals with a playful and cunning demeanor, often viewed with a mix of affection and amusement.

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Further usage examples of roguish

1. The townsfolk often gossiped about the roguish band of thieves who lived in the forest.
2. She was known for her roguish pranks that always left everyone laughing.
3. His roguish antics on stage endeared him to audiences, despite his sometimes outrageous behavior.
4. The detective was intrigued by the roguish suspect, who seemed to be hiding something.
5. He decided to add a roguish twist to his otherwise serious character in the play.
6. Her roguish sense of humor often caught people off guard, but it was always in good fun.
7. His roguish ways were forgiven due to his ability to make everyone around him feel special.
8. The children were full of roguish energy, playfully hiding and surprising each other.
9. His roguish smile won over the entire room in an instant.
10. She couldn't resist his roguish charm and playful wit.
11. The roguish glint in his eye hinted at his mischievous plans.
12. With a roguish grin, he swiped the last cookie from the jar.
13. The roguish rogue always had a trick up his sleeve.
14. Her roguish laughter filled the air as she pulled a prank.
15. He adopted a roguish persona to liven up the party.
16. The roguish adventurer was known for his daring exploits.
17. The roguish character in the movie stole every scene.
18. She appreciated his roguish sense of humor.
19. His roguish antics kept everyone entertained.
20. The roguish pirate captain commanded his crew with charm.
21. Despite his roguish reputation, he had a heart of gold.
22. The roguish gambler bluffed his way to victory.
23. His roguish demeanor concealed a cunning mind.
24. She couldn't resist his roguish charisma.
25. The roguish detective cracked the case with style.
26. His roguish charm was matched only by his quick wit.
27. The roguish rascal was always up to something.
28. With a roguish grin, he charmed his way into her heart.

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