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Definition of 'deceitful'

Inclined to deceive or mislead others.
"His deceitful words were intended to manipulate and control others."

Detailed Meaning of 'deceitful'

It suggests a deliberate intention to trick, manipulate, or withhold the truth for personal gain or advantage. When something or someone is deceitful, there is a lack of honesty, transparency, or trustworthiness in their actions, words, or intentions. It implies a tendency to engage in dishonesty, falsehood, or cunning behavior in order to achieve a desired outcome or to conceal one's true motives. Deceitful actions or individuals often employ strategies of deception, such as lying, concealing information, or using manipulative tactics to exploit or deceive others for their own benefit. The adjective "deceitful" implies a breach of trust and a departure from moral or ethical principles, highlighting the need for caution and skepticism when dealing with such individuals or situations.


Examples of 'deceitful' in a Sentence

1. She discovered that her so-called friend had been deceitful all along.
2. The politician's deceitful promises led to a loss of public trust.
3. He used deceitful tactics to gain an unfair advantage in the competition.
4. The salesman's deceitful tactics resulted in many dissatisfied customers.
5. The deceitful employee was eventually caught stealing from the company.
6. It was clear that he had a deceitful agenda from the start.

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Origins & Etymology of 'deceitful'

The adjective 'deceitful' is directly related to the noun 'deceit' and shares its etymological origins. It is formed by adding the suffix '-ful' to 'deceit,' creating 'deceitful.' As previously explained, 'deceit' has its roots in Old English and Old French, originally meaning 'to deceive' or 'to cheat.' When the suffix '-ful' is added to 'deceit,' it conveys the idea of being inclined to deceive or mislead others, emphasizing the quality or characteristic of engaging in acts of deceit. The etymology of 'deceitful' underscores its historical connection to the practice of deception and dishonesty, highlighting its role in describing individuals or actions that are characterized by a tendency to deceive or mislead others intentionally.


How to pronounce deceitful (audio)


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