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How to pronounce roughhouse (audio)


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Dictionary definition of roughhouse

To engage in rough, boisterous, or playful physical activity, often involving wrestling, tumbling, or rough play.
"The siblings would often roughhouse and wrestle on the living room floor."


Detailed meaning of roughhouse

It is a term commonly used to describe energetic and physical interactions, particularly among children or in informal settings. When individuals roughhouse, they engage in activities that involve rough physical contact, such as pushing, shoving, or playfully grappling with one another. It is typically characterized by a lack of seriousness or aggression, with participants often exhibiting laughter and enjoyment during the roughhousing. The purpose of roughhousing is usually for fun, bonding, or releasing pent-up energy. It can occur spontaneously or be initiated as a form of play or social interaction. While roughhousing can be spirited and physical, it is important to maintain a level of awareness and consideration for the safety and well-being of all participants involved.

Example sentences containing roughhouse

1. The children roughhouse in the backyard.
2. Let's roughhouse and have some fun!
3. My siblings and I used to roughhouse all the time.
4. Please don't roughhouse with the fragile items.
5. It's not appropriate to roughhouse in a library.
6. They decided to roughhouse on the beach.

History and etymology of roughhouse

The adjective 'rough' has an etymology that can be traced back to Old English, where it was spelled as 'ruh.' This Old English term evolved from the Proto-Germanic word '*rukhwaz,' which conveyed the sense of roughness, ruggedness, or unevenness. Delving even deeper, we find that '*rukhwaz' can be linked to the Proto-Indo-European root '*reug-' or '*reugh-,' which means 'to tear' or 'to scratch.' This etymological journey underscores the essence of 'rough' as describing a surface or texture that is not smooth but rather characterized by irregularities, coarseness, or abrasions, in line with its historical associations with scratching and tearing.

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Further usage examples of roughhouse

1. The puppies love to roughhouse with each other.
2. We had to stop the kids from roughhousing indoors.
3. The wrestlers would roughhouse in the ring.
4. It's important to establish boundaries when you roughhouse with others.
5. The siblings always roughhouse when they get together.
6. The dogs were warned not to roughhouse near the furniture.
7. They had to sign a waiver before they could roughhouse in the gym.
8. The boys were excited to roughhouse at the park.
9. The toddlers giggled as they started to roughhouse.
10. The coach instructed the players not to roughhouse during the game.
11. The siblings roughhouse with each other to blow off steam.
12. The kittens couldn't resist the urge to roughhouse with their toys.
13. The parents watched their children from a distance as they roughhouse on the playground.
14. The friends decided to roughhouse in the backyard, despite the risk of getting dirty.
15. The kids love to roughhouse in the backyard.
16. After school, they often roughhouse with their friends.
17. Please don't roughhouse in the living room.
18. The siblings would always roughhouse together.
19. It's important to supervise kids when they roughhouse.
20. They decided to roughhouse on the grassy field.
21. The puppies would roughhouse all day long.
22. Kids need to learn when it's okay to roughhouse.
23. It's not safe to roughhouse near fragile objects.
24. Even as adults, they like to roughhouse for fun.



wrestle, relax, rest, be still


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