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How to pronounce sadness (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sadness

An emotional state characterized by feelings of sorrow, unhappiness, or melancholy.
"He found solace in writing poetry as an outlet for his sadness."

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Detailed meaning of sadness

It is a profound and deep-rooted sense of distress that can be triggered by various circumstances, such as loss, disappointment, or loneliness. Sadness often manifests as a heaviness in the heart, accompanied by tearfulness, a lack of motivation, and a subdued or somber mood. It is a natural human emotion that can be experienced in response to personal setbacks, grief, or empathizing with the suffering of others. Sadness is a complex emotion that can vary in intensity and duration, ranging from fleeting moments of melancholy to prolonged periods of profound sadness or depression. While sadness is a part of the human experience, it is important to acknowledge and address these feelings in order to promote emotional well-being and seek support when necessary.

Example sentences containing sadness

1. She couldn't hide the sadness in her eyes after receiving the bad news.
2. The breakup left him with a lingering sense of sadness.
3. The movie's ending brought tears of sadness to many viewers.
4. The weight of sadness was palpable in the room during the funeral.
5. The loneliness of the empty house filled her with a deep sense of sadness.
6. The loss of a loved one can bring waves of sadness that seem overwhelming.

History and etymology of sadness

The noun 'sadness' has an etymology that can be traced back to Old English. It originates from the Old English word 'sæd,' which meant 'full of sorrow' or 'heavy-hearted.' This term was derived from the Proto-Germanic word '*sadaz,' which also conveyed the sense of being 'sated' or 'satisfied' in an emotional context. Over time, the meaning of 'sadness' evolved to describe the emotional state characterized by feelings of sorrow, unhappiness, or melancholy that we recognize today. This transformation of meaning reflects the intrinsic connection between the weightiness of one's emotions and the sense of being burdened or 'sated' with sadness, as conveyed by its ancient roots.

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Further usage examples of sadness

1. The artwork evoked a profound sense of sadness and longing.
2. Despite her achievements, a lingering sadness seemed to overshadow her success.
3. The song's lyrics captured the essence of heartbreak and sadness.
4. It was difficult to mask the sadness in his voice as he shared his story.
5. The therapist provided a safe space for him to express and process his sadness.
6. Her eyes revealed a profound sadness that weighed heavily on her heart.
7. The movie's ending left me with an overwhelming sense of sadness.
8. Despite the laughter, a hint of sadness lingered in the room.
9. He tried to hide his sadness behind a forced smile.
10. The beauty of the sunset often evokes a bittersweet sadness.
11. She experienced a deep sadness after the loss of her pet.
12. The song's lyrics conveyed a raw, unfiltered sadness.
13. Sometimes, a good cry can help release pent-up sadness.
14. The empty playground echoed with the silence of sadness.
15. His journal was filled with entries that explored his inner sadness.
16. The news of the accident filled me with profound sadness.
17. The old photograph brought back memories tinged with sadness.
18. It's important to acknowledge and process your sadness.
19. The painting captured the essence of solitude and sadness.
20. The sudden change in weather matched her mood of sadness.
21. Finding solace in nature often eases the burden of sadness.
22. A sense of sadness washed over her as she said goodbye.
23. The support of friends can alleviate the weight of sadness.
24. In times of sadness, music can be a comforting companion.
25. The sadness in his voice was unmistakable, even over the phone.



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