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How to pronounce anguish (audio)

Dictionary definition of anguish

Extreme mental or emotional distress, often characterized by intense suffering, torment, or deep sorrow.
"The mother's anguish over her missing child was palpable."

Detailed meaning of anguish

When we use the term "anguish," we emphasize the overwhelming and often painful nature of the emotional or psychological pain experienced by an individual. Anguish can result from various sources, such as the loss of a loved one, a traumatic event, unrelenting stress, or feelings of hopelessness. It can manifest in physical and psychological symptoms, including despair, anxiety, and even physical pain. This term conveys a profound sense of suffering and inner turmoil, highlighting the immense emotional strain that can affect a person's well-being. Anguish is a powerful and deeply human emotion that underscores the depth of human experience and the capacity for intense emotional pain.

Example sentences of anguish

1. He felt a sense of anguish as he watched his dreams slip away.
2. The war caused immense anguish for many families who lost loved ones.
3. She cried out in anguish as she received the devastating news.
4. The character's anguish was evident in his expression and body language.
5. He suffered from intense bouts of anguish and depression after his divorce.
6. The survivor's anguish was deep-seated and took years to overcome.

History and etymology of anguish

The noun 'anguish' has its etymological origins in Old French and Latin. It is derived from the Old French word 'anguisse,' which, in turn, comes from the Latin 'angustia,' meaning 'narrowness' or 'tightness.' In Latin, 'angustia' was often used metaphorically to describe situations of constraint, difficulty, or distress. As the word passed into Middle English and eventually into modern English, it came to represent extreme mental or emotional distress, often characterized by intense suffering, torment, or deep sorrow. The etymology of 'anguish' thus draws a vivid analogy between the tightness or constriction of difficult circumstances and the emotional and mental pain that individuals experience during times of extreme distress.

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Further usage examples of anguish

1. The patient's cries of anguish could be heard throughout the hospital ward.
2. The writer's memoir described her journey through anguish and eventual healing.
3. The painting conveyed a sense of anguish and despair through its vivid colors.
4. The counselor helped the student work through his anguish over the breakup.
5. The musician's lyrics spoke to the universal experience of anguish and heartbreak.
6. Her sudden departure plunged him into profound anguish and despair.
7. His eyes revealed silent anguish, concealing a well of hidden pain.
8. Loss can bring overwhelming, heart-wrenching anguish and sorrow.
9. The news brought tears, sorrow, and deep anguish, leaving them shattered.
10. Sleepless nights were filled with tormenting anguish and restless thoughts.
11. The tragic accident caused immeasurable family anguish and devastation.
12. The silence in the room was heavy with shared anguish and grief.
13. Coping with betrayal's aftermath led to intense emotional anguish and turmoil.
14. The devastating diagnosis brought immense, life-altering anguish and fear.
15. Writing poetry became an outlet for his inner anguish and emotional turmoil.
16. Her quivering voice bore the weight of her anguish, revealing her pain.
17. Time slowly lessened the intensity of her anguish, but the scars remained.
18. He channeled his anguish into creating powerful art, a testament to his pain.
19. Overcoming anguish demands immense inner strength and resilience.
20. The horrors of war left lasting, haunting anguish and traumatic memories.
21. Shared anguish forged a deep bond between them, rooted in their pain.
22. Unrequited love's anguish was palpable and heart-wrenching, leaving scars.
23. The film depicted the heartbreaking anguish of a fractured family.
24. Anguish filled the room as they bid their final farewells, heavy with grief.
25. Resilience emerged from the depths of their shared anguish, inspiring hope.


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