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How to pronounce savoir-faire (audio)

Dictionary definition of savoir-faire

A person's ability to handle a situation or perform a task with confidence, skill, and elegance.
"He impressed his colleagues with his savoir-faire during the negotiations."

Detailed meaning of savoir-faire

It is a French phrase that translates to "knowing how to do." Savoir-faire is often used to describe someone who is socially adept, and who is able to navigate complex social situations with ease. It can also refer to a person's ability to make the right decision in a given situation, and to do so in a way that is respectful and appropriate. In essence, 'savoir-faire' implies that someone has a combination of knowledge, experience, and social skills that enable them to handle any situation that arises with confidence and competence. It is often seen as a desirable trait in business and social settings, where it is important to make a good impression and to build strong relationships.

Example sentences containing savoir-faire

1. Her savoir-faire in social settings is impressive.
2. He demonstrated savoir-faire in diplomatic negotiations.
3. The CEO's savoir-faire in business matters is renowned.
4. The chef's culinary savoir-faire delights diners.
5. She handled the crisis with grace and savoir-faire.
6. The actor displayed savoir-faire in every performance.

History and etymology of savoir-faire

The noun 'savoir-faire' is a term borrowed directly from the French language. Its etymology is a combination of two French words: 'savoir,' which means 'to know,' and 'faire,' which means 'to do' or 'to make.' The word 'savoir-faire' essentially translates to 'knowing how to do' or 'knowing how to act.' This term encapsulates the idea of possessing the knowledge and skill to handle situations or perform tasks with confidence, grace, and elegance. It implies a certain level of social and practical competence, where one navigates various scenarios or challenges with finesse and a keen understanding of the appropriate actions or behaviors. The etymology of 'savoir-faire' underscores the importance of both knowledge and practical ability in achieving a high level of sophistication and effectiveness in one's actions.

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Further usage examples of savoir-faire

1. His savoir-faire in fine arts is widely recognized.
2. The diplomat's savoir-faire in international affairs is vital.
3. The hostess exudes savoir-faire at her parties.
4. The designer's fashion savoir-faire sets trends.
5. The musician's stage savoir-faire enchants audiences.
6. The athlete's sports savoir-faire leads to victory.
7. The lawyer's legal savoir-faire wins cases.
8. The surgeon's medical savoir-faire saves lives.
9. The pilot's aviation savoir-faire ensures safe flights.
10. The artist's creative savoir-faire produces masterpieces.
11. The journalist's reporting savoir-faire uncovers truths.
12. The politician's political savoir-faire gains support.
13. The teacher's educational savoir-faire inspires students.
14. The entrepreneur's business savoir-faire leads to success.
15. She demonstrated her savoir-faire by expertly navigating the challenging situation.
16. The chef's savoir-faire was evident in the delicate flavors of the dish.
17. He showed his savoir-faire by handling the crisis with poise and professionalism.
18. She possessed a natural savoir-faire that made her a hit at social events.
19. The tailor's savoir-faire was reflected in the impeccable fit of the suit.
20. He impressed everyone with his savoir-faire in handling the difficult client.
21. She demonstrated her savoir-faire by effortlessly managing the project's logistics.
22. The musician's savoir-faire was evident in the smooth execution of the piece.
23. He showed his savoir-faire by expertly troubleshooting the technical issue.
24. She possessed a savoir-faire that made her a sought-after consultant in her field.
25. The artist's savoir-faire was reflected in the masterful use of color and technique in the painting.



tact, awkwardness, ineptitude, clumsiness


GRE 5 (Graduate Record Examination), Accuracy and Precision, Performance and Display, Skill and Distinction

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