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How to pronounce scholastic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of scholastic

Pertaining to academic or educational matters.
"Her scholastic achievements earned her a full scholarship to Harvard."

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Detailed meaning of scholastic

It is commonly used to describe anything that is related to schools, learning, or scholarly activities. When something is described as scholastic, it implies a focus on formal education, intellectual pursuits, or the academic world. It can refer to educational institutions, such as scholastic institutions or scholastic achievements. Additionally, the term can be used to describe a person's scholarly interests, dedication to learning, or adherence to academic principles. Scholastic endeavors often involve research, study, and critical thinking, emphasizing the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual development. Overall, the adjective scholastic encapsulates the realm of education and its associated qualities, highlighting a commitment to learning, academic pursuits, and intellectual growth.

Example sentences containing scholastic

1. He has a genuine interest in scholastic literature.
2. Her room was filled with scholastic awards and trophies.
3. The debate team had a stellar scholastic reputation.
4. The school aims to foster scholastic excellence among its students.
5. His scholastic record was crucial in gaining admission to law school.
6. The teacher provided scholastic support to struggling students.

History and etymology of scholastic

The adjective 'scholastic' finds its origins in the Latin word 'scholasticus,' which, in turn, is derived from the Greek word 'scholastikos.' Both of these words share the fundamental meaning of 'pertaining to a school' or 'related to learning.' The Greek term 'scholastikos' originally referred to someone involved in education or a student, emphasizing the connection to schools and learning institutions. As it passed into Latin and subsequently into English, 'scholastic' evolved to describe anything associated with academic or educational matters. This etymology underscores the historical connection between the term and the world of academia, highlighting its enduring relevance in describing all things related to education and scholarship.

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Further usage examples of scholastic

1. She pursued scholastic endeavors throughout her college years.
2. The scholastic journal featured cutting-edge research in physics.
3. His scholastic aptitude made him a great candidate for the honors program.
4. The book club is a gathering of scholastic minds.
5. The education conference addressed scholastic challenges in rural areas.
6. Her scholastic success was celebrated by the whole community.
7. The university’s scholastic achievements were highlighted in the national press.
8. They offer a scholastic program for gifted children in mathematics and science.
9. His scholastic achievements earned him a prestigious award.
10. The scholastic year is divided into semesters.
11. She has a keen interest in scholastic pursuits.
12. The school's library is a hub of scholastic activity.
13. The scholastic curriculum emphasizes critical thinking.
14. His scholastic record was impeccable.
15. The scholastic environment encourages intellectual growth.
16. Scholastic success requires dedication and hard work.
17. The scholastic competition was fierce.
18. Her scholastic achievements opened many doors.
19. Scholastic excellence is highly valued here.
20. The scholastic program offers diverse courses.
21. Scholastic aptitude tests assess academic skills.
22. The scholastic standards are rigorous.
23. The club focuses on scholastic enrichment.
24. Scholastic pursuits broaden one's horizons.
25. The scholastic community promotes lifelong learning.
26. Scholastic achievement is a point of pride.
27. The university's reputation for scholastic excellence is well-deserved.
28. Scholastic aspirations drive his academic pursuits.



academic, uneducated, illiterate, ignorant


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