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How to pronounce slumber (audio)


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Dictionary definition of slumber

To sleep or rest, especially in a light, peaceful and tranquil manner.
"The slumber of the baby was peaceful and uninterrupted."

Detailed meaning of slumber

When someone slumbers, they are in a state of gentle and quiet sleep, often characterized by a relaxed and restorative quality. Slumber typically implies a state of tranquility and serenity, free from disturbances or disruptions. It can also be used metaphorically to describe a period of inactivity or dormancy, as in "a slumbering volcano," which suggests a volcano that is not currently erupting but has the potential to do so in the future. Overall, "slumber" conveys the idea of peaceful and undisturbed rest, whether in a literal or figurative sense.

Example sentences containing slumber

1. Weary from the journey, she longed to slumber in her own bed.
2. The sound of the waterfall can make anyone slumber peacefully.
3. After a hard day at work, all he wanted was to slumber uninterrupted.
4. Let me slumber in peace without the noise of the city.
5. Soft melodies from the radio helped him slumber effortlessly.
6. Here, beneath the ancient trees, one can slumber without a care in the world.

History and etymology of slumber

The verb 'slumber' can be traced back to the Middle English word 'slomren,' which likely evolved from the Old English 'slumerian.' Its origins ultimately connect to the Proto-Germanic word 'slumrijan,' which meant 'to doze' or 'to be half asleep.' The etymology of 'slumber' thus reflects the notion of a light, peaceful, and tranquil manner of sleep or rest. This word has retained its essence over time, describing a gentle and serene state of repose. The history of 'slumber' in the English language beautifully mirrors the calm and restful connotations it carries to this day.

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Further usage examples of slumber

1. The soldiers, exhausted from the battle, were allowed to slumber.
2. The children struggled to stay awake, but soon gave in to slumber.
3. The warmth of the fire made the cat slumber contentedly on the rug.
4. He had a knack for being able to slumber anywhere, anytime.
5. The wine helped her slumber after a stressful day.
6. An exhausted traveler will slumber even on a stone.
7. Amidst the noise and chaos, the baby somehow managed to slumber.
8. If you're tired, just go ahead and slumber in the guest room.
9. She could slumber for hours under the warm summer sun.
10. The soothing sounds of the forest make it easy to slumber.
11. I wish to slumber under the starry sky, away from city lights.
12. Long road trips always make me slumber in the passenger seat.
13. Every evening, I listen to a podcast to help me slumber.
14. In the safety of her cozy room, she allowed herself to slumber.



sleep, wake, alert, awake


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