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speedy, sluggish, slow, lethargic



How to pronounce brisk (audio)

Dictionary definition of brisk

Quick, energetic, and lively in nature.
"She took a brisk walk in the morning to start her day with energy."

Detailed meaning of brisk

It suggests a sense of swift movement, activity, or pace. When used to describe weather or the air, 'brisk' refers to a cool and invigorating quality, often accompanied by a refreshing breeze. It can convey a sense of liveliness or vitality in the atmosphere. In relation to a person's behavior or manner, 'brisk' implies being efficient, energetic, and businesslike. It suggests a focused and purposeful approach, often characterized by quick and decisive actions. Additionally, 'brisk' can describe an exchange or conversation that is quick, lively, and to the point. It conveys a sense of efficiency and effectiveness in communication. Overall, 'brisk' signifies a state or quality of being quick, lively, invigorating, and efficient.

Example sentences of brisk

1. The brisk wind rustled the leaves, creating a pleasant sound.
2. The cashier provided brisk service, ensuring customers had a quick checkout.
3. The hiker enjoyed the brisk pace, covering a lot of ground in a short time.
4. His brisk movements indicated he was in a hurry to catch the train.
5. The restaurant served a brisk lunch crowd, with people coming and going swiftly.
6. The salesperson greeted customers with a brisk and friendly demeanor.

History and etymology of brisk

The adjective 'brisk,' meaning quick, energetic, and lively in nature, has an intriguing etymology. Its origins can be traced back to the Middle English word 'brisken,' which meant to make lively or to quicken. This Middle English term likely evolved from the Old English word 'bryscan,' which had a similar sense of to hasten or quicken. Ultimately, 'brisk' can be connected to the Proto-Germanic root 'briskan,' which means to move quickly or be active. This rich etymological history highlights how the word 'brisk' has maintained its association with liveliness and swiftness throughout its linguistic evolution.

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Further usage examples of brisk

1. The brisk morning jog left her feeling invigorated and ready for the day.
2. The meeting proceeded at a brisk pace, covering all the necessary topics efficiently.
3. The swimmer dived into the brisk water, feeling a rush of energy.
4. The company experienced brisk sales during the holiday season, exceeding expectations.
5. The conversation took a brisk turn as they discussed the main points and quickly reached a decision.
6. A brisk morning run gets my blood pumping.
7. The brisk pace of the race left competitors breathless.
8. The brisk breeze on the mountaintop was invigorating.
9. A brisk handshake is a sign of confidence and enthusiasm.
10. The brisk sales call led to a successful deal.
11. Her brisk decision-making style impressed the team.
12. A brisk exchange of ideas sparked creativity.
13. The brisk workout routine improved her fitness level.
14. The brisk river current carried the raft downstream.
15. A brisk start to the project set a productive tone.
16. The brisk applause at the end of the performance was well-deserved.
17. The brisk response time exceeded our expectations.
18. A brisk conversation over coffee lifted our spirits.
19. The brisk tempo of the music kept the party alive.
20. His brisk leadership style drove the team's success.
21. The brisk winds on the beach made for great kite flying.
22. A brisk debate can lead to innovative solutions.
23. The brisk service at the restaurant ensured a great dining experience.
24. The brisk pace of the city can be invigorating.
25. A brisk morning walk in the park energized me for the day.



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