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How to pronounce sobriquet (audio)
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Dictionary definition of sobriquet

A nickname or a term of endearment that is used in place of a person's real name.
"He was given the sobriquet 'The Great Communicator' for his oratory skills."

Detailed meaning of sobriquet

It is a name or phrase that is used to describe or address someone in a familiar or affectionate way.

Sobriquets can be descriptive, such as "Red" for someone with red hair or "Tall" for a person who is tall, or they can be more whimsical or humorous, such as "Ginger" or "Lanky".

Sobriquets can be given by family members, friends, or colleagues, and they can also be self-given. They can be used in a positive or negative context, and they can be used to express love, affection, or admiration or to mock, tease, or ridicule someone.

Sobriquets can be used in literature, movies, and theater to add color and to showcase the characters' personalities. They can also be used in everyday life to create a sense of familiarity and intimacy in a relationship.

Example sentences containing sobriquet

1. His sobriquet was "The King of Pop."
2. She was known by her sobriquet "The Queen of Soul."
3. The company was referred to by its sobriquet "The Big Blue"
4. She was known by her sobriquet "The Iron Lady" for her strong leadership.
5. The group was referred to by its sobriquet "The Fab Four."
6. He was given the sobriquet "The Dark Knight" for his brooding demeanor.
7. She was known by her sobriquet "The First Lady of Song" for her vocal talents.
8. The politician was referred to by his sobriquet "The Comeback Kid" for his political resilience.
9. He was given the sobriquet "The Flying Dutchman" for his speed and agility on the field.
10. She was known by her sobriquet "The Tiger Mom" for her strict parenting style.

History and etymology of sobriquet

The noun 'sobriquet' carries a certain charm in its etymology. It hails from the French language and is derived from the verb 'sobriquer,' which means 'to give a nickname' or 'to call by a familiar name.' The word 'sobriquet' itself is a diminutive form of 'sobre,' meaning 'sober' or 'moderate.' This diminutive form implies a kind of affectionate or informal nickname. Over time, 'sobriquet' was adopted into English to describe a nickname or a term of endearment used in place of a person's real name. Thus, the etymology of 'sobriquet' reflects its French origin and the notion of bestowing affectionate or familiar names upon individuals, adding a touch of linguistic elegance to the practice of using endearing nicknames.

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Further usage examples of sobriquet

1. He earned the sobriquet "Brian the bull", from an uncanny ability to always pick the right stocks.
2. The company was referred to by its sobriquet "The Big Green" for its environmental focus.
3. Nicknamed "The Rocket" for his incredible speed, he dominated the track.
4. Among her family and friends, she was affectionately known as "Little Sunshine."
5. "Old Blue Eyes" affectionately referred to the legendary crooner, Frank Sinatra.
6. With his innovative dishes, the chef earned the sobriquet "Master of Flavors."
7. "Captain Courage" embodied his bravery in the face of adversity.
8. "The Bard," a timeless sobriquet, is synonymous with William Shakespeare's works.
9. Madonna's sobriquet "Queen of Pop" recognized her influence in music.
10. The infamous pirate's sobriquet "Blackbeard" struck fear into sailors.
11. His financial acumen earned him the sobriquet "Einstein of Finance."
12. Elvis Presley, known as "The King of Rock and Roll," left an indelible mark on music.
13. The athlete's exceptional speed led to his sobriquet "The Flash."
14. The intrepid explorer earned the sobriquet "Trailblazer" for his discoveries.
15. "The Iron Lady" was a formidable sobriquet for the resolute Margaret Thatcher.
16. Despite his imposing size, his gentle demeanor earned him "Gentle Giant."
17. Princess Diana's sobriquet "The People's Princess" reflected her beloved status.
18. The actor's versatility earned him the sobriquet "Versatile Virtuoso."
19. "Scarface" was the gangster's sobriquet, derived from a prominent facial scar.
20. Albert Einstein's groundbreaking work in physics led to "The Father of Modern Physics."
21. "The Voice" was a fitting sobriquet for the singer with unparalleled vocal talent.
22. Celebrating his intellectual prowess, "The Quiet Genius" was his sobriquet.

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