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How to pronounce sonic (audio)

Dictionary definition of sonic

Pertaining to sound, particularly related to its speed, frequency, or characteristics.
"The sonic boom reverberated through the sky, startling everyone nearby."

Detailed meaning of sonic

It is commonly associated with the realm of sound waves and their behavior. When something is described as sonic, it implies a connection to or influence from the properties of sound. For example, the term "sonic boom" refers to the explosive sound produced by an object, such as an aircraft, moving faster than the speed of sound. Additionally, "sonic waves" or "sonic vibrations" indicate sound waves that are specifically audible or have a particular frequency range. The adjective "sonic" is often used to describe phenomena, devices, or experiences that involve or relate to sound and its various attributes, encompassing aspects such as volume, pitch, intensity, or speed.

Example sentences containing sonic

1. The concert featured a live performance with a powerful sonic experience.
2. The new sound system delivered crystal-clear, sonic quality audio.
3. The car enthusiast installed a set of sonic-enhancing speakers for an immersive music experience.
4. The superhero possessed the ability to emit sonic waves from his hands.
5. The game developer incorporated realistic sonic effects to enhance the gaming experience.
6. The futuristic spaceship emitted a low, humming sonic sound as it took off.

History and etymology of sonic

The adjective 'sonic' draws its etymology from the Greek word 'sonikos,' which means 'pertaining to sound' or 'related to sound.' The term 'sonic' has been widely adopted in various scientific and technological contexts to describe attributes associated with sound, such as its speed, frequency, or properties. In modern usage, 'sonic' often denotes something related to the high-speed movement of sound waves, as in the term 'supersonic' to describe speeds exceeding that of sound. This etymological connection underscores 'sonic's' fundamental link to the realm of acoustics and its role in describing and understanding the characteristics of sound in various applications, from music to aviation.

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Further usage examples of sonic

1. The singer's voice soared through the venue with a captivating sonic range.
2. The scientist conducted experiments to study the impact of sonic vibrations on plant growth.
3. The DJ mixed a sonic tapestry of beats and melodies that kept the crowd dancing all night.
4. The sonic waves produced by the dolphin allowed it to navigate and communicate underwater.
5. The special effects in the movie created a stunning sonic landscape that intensified the action scenes.
6. The sonic boom rattled the windows as the jet flew overhead.
7. He was fascinated by the sonic properties of different instruments.
8. The car's sonic blue paint job turned heads on the street.
9. The concert's sonic experience was enhanced by the state-of-the-art sound system.
10. The spaceship broke the sound barrier, creating a sonic shockwave.
11. The scientist studied the sonic vibrations of earthquakes.
12. Sonic waves can travel through various mediums, including water and air.
13. The sonic quality of her voice made her a renowned singer.
14. The sonic effects in the movie made it a thrilling experience.
15. The sonic technology allowed for high-speed data transmission.
16. Sonic frequencies beyond human hearing can be detected by certain animals.
17. The sonic boom was heard miles away from the military aircraft.
18. The sonic landscape of the forest echoed with bird calls.
19. The guitarist experimented with sonic effects to create unique sounds.
20. Sonic waves can be used for medical imaging in ultrasound.
21. The submarine used a sonar system to detect sonic signals underwater.
22. Sonic interference can disrupt communication signals.
23. Sonic testing revealed structural weaknesses in the building.
24. Sonic measurements indicated a drop in air pressure.
25. The concert venue was known for its exceptional sonic acoustics.



acoustic, silent, noiseless, quiet


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