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How to pronounce auditory (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'auditory'

Pertaining to the sense of hearing or the process of hearing itself.
"The movie's auditory experience was just as striking as its visuals."

Detailed Meaning of 'auditory'

This term can be used to describe sounds or noises that are heard, as well as any processes or structures that are involved in the perception of sound. For example, when we listen to music, our auditory system is responsible for processing the sound waves and interpreting them as the melodies and rhythms we hear. Similarly, when we speak, our auditory system allows us to hear the sounds we are producing, so that we can adjust our speech accordingly. In general, the term "auditory" is used to describe anything that is related to the sense of hearing, including both physical and cognitive aspects.

History and Etymology of 'auditory'

The adjective 'auditory' originates from the Latin word 'audire,' which means 'to hear.' The suffix '-tory' in 'auditory' is derived from the Latin '-torius,' which denotes 'related to' or 'pertaining to.' Therefore, the etymology of 'auditory' can be understood as something that relates to or is associated with the sense of hearing or the process of hearing itself. This linguistic history reflects the essence of 'auditory,' as it is a term used to describe anything connected to the sense of hearing, such as auditory organs, auditory perception, or auditory stimuli, emphasizing its close connection to the act of listening and perceiving sounds.

Examples of 'auditory' in a Sentence

1. Birds have advanced auditory systems to interpret complex calls.
2. The concert was an auditory feast for all music enthusiasts.
3. The device provides auditory cues to guide users through steps.
4. Her auditory perception was affected after the loud explosion.
5. Some meditation techniques focus on auditory sensations like breathing.
6. He uses auditory feedback in his virtual reality simulations.
7. She's studying the effects of music on auditory processing in children.
8. The therapy targets auditory deficits in patients with hearing loss.
9. Many languages rely heavily on auditory nuances for meaning.
10. The auditory stimuli in the experiment produced varied responses.
11. He was fascinated by the auditory illusions presented in class.
12. The auditory cortex plays a vital role in processing sounds.
13. The software translates visual data into auditory signals for the visually impaired.
14. Her auditory sensitivity is remarkable; she hears frequencies many miss.
15. The auditory scene in the forest at dawn is serene and captivating.
16. They used auditory markers to guide participants in the study.
17. Virtual assistants often offer auditory prompts to assist users.
18. Many mammals rely on auditory communication to bond with their kin.





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