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auditory, silent, quiet, inaudible



How to pronounce acoustic (audio)

Dictionary definition of acoustic

Relating to sound or the sense of hearing.
"The singer performed an acoustic rendition of her hit song, showcasing her raw talent."

Detailed meaning of acoustic

It pertains to the properties, characteristics, or qualities of sound waves and how they interact with the environment. When something is described as acoustic, it often implies a focus on the natural or unamplified production and transmission of sound. Acoustic instruments, for example, rely on the resonance and vibrations of their bodies to create sound, without the assistance of electronic amplification. Similarly, an acoustic space or environment refers to a setting that influences the way sound is perceived, often taking into account factors such as reflection, absorption, and reverberation. Acoustic qualities can greatly impact the way sound is experienced, whether it be in music, communication, or the appreciation of natural sounds. The adjective 'acoustic' thus encompasses the aspects of sound that relate to its production, propagation, and perception in various contexts.

Example sentences of acoustic

1. The singer performed a beautiful acoustic rendition of her hit song.
2. The band set up an acoustic stage for the intimate concert.
3. He preferred the warm and rich sound of an acoustic guitar.
4. The auditorium was designed with excellent acoustic properties, ensuring optimal sound quality.
5. The musician's acoustic performance captivated the audience, creating an intimate atmosphere.
6. The singer-songwriter's acoustic melodies resonated with the listeners.

History and etymology of acoustic

The adjective 'acoustic' has its etymological origins in the Greek word 'akoustikos,' which is derived from 'akouo,' meaning 'I hear' or 'I listen.' This term made its way into Latin as 'acusticus' and, later, into Old French as 'acoustique.' In English, 'acoustic' retained its connection to the sense of hearing and sound. It describes things or phenomena related to sound or the sense of hearing, such as acoustic instruments, acoustic properties of a space, or acoustic phenomena in nature. Its etymology underscores its fundamental link to the perception and study of sound and auditory experiences.

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Further usage examples of acoustic

1. The café had a cozy corner with acoustic music playing in the background.
2. The acoustic paneling in the recording studio minimized sound reflections.
3. The concert hall has excellent acoustic properties, ensuring clear and rich sound for the audience.
4. He prefers the warm and intimate sound of an acoustic guitar over an electric one.
5. The acoustics of the cathedral enhanced the beauty of the choir's voices during the performance.
6. The musician played an acoustic set at the coffee shop, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere.
7. The studio engineer adjusted the acoustic treatment to optimize sound quality during the recording session.
8. The acoustic panels in the conference room reduced echoes and improved speech intelligibility.
9. She loved the acoustic feel of vinyl records, appreciating the depth and warmth of the sound.
10. The acoustic insulation in the room ensured a peaceful and quiet environment for concentration.
11. The band performed an acoustic cover of a popular song, giving it a unique and soulful interpretation.
12. The acoustic piano filled the room with its rich and resonant tones.
13. The park was a perfect spot for an acoustic picnic, surrounded by the sounds of nature and gentle melodies.
14. The acoustic guitar filled the room with its melodic tones.
15. The acoustic design of the theater ensured perfect sound quality.
16. We enjoyed the intimate, acoustic performance in the cozy café.
17. His voice had an acoustic charm that resonated with the audience.
18. The acoustic properties of the room made it ideal for recording.
19. An acoustic piano graced the corner of the elegant ballroom.
20. The concert featured a brilliant blend of electric and acoustic instruments.
21. She appreciated the purity of acoustic music, free from electronic effects.
22. The acoustic insulation in the studio blocked out external noise.
23. He marveled at the acoustic wonders of nature, like birdsong.
24. The acoustic panels on the walls enhanced the room's acoustics.



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