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How to pronounce aural (audio)

Dictionary definition of aural

Pertaining to the sense of hearing or the perception of sound through the ears.
"The teacher used a variety of aural and visual aids to engage her students in the lesson."

Detailed meaning of aural

It describes anything related to or experienced through the auditory or hearing system. Aural experiences encompass a wide range of sounds, from music and speech to environmental noises, and they are essential for our understanding of the world around us. "Aural" can also be used to describe activities, skills, or aspects of art and culture that involve or appeal to the sense of hearing, such as aural storytelling, aural exams in music education, or the aural aspects of a theatrical performance. Overall, "aural" emphasizes the auditory dimension of our sensory perception and the significant role that sounds play in our daily lives and cultural experiences.

Example sentences of aural

1. The aural beauty of the symphony brought tears to her eyes.
2. His aural perception was acute, allowing him to hear faint sounds.
3. The aural experience of a live concert is unparalleled.
4. Aural feedback from the microphone disrupted the speech.
5. The aural landscape of the forest was filled with bird songs.
6. Aural training can help musicians develop their ear for music.

History and etymology of aural

The adjective 'aural' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'auris,' which means 'ear.' The suffix '-al' is used to form adjectives and denotes 'pertaining to' or 'related to.' Thus, the etymology of 'aural' can be understood as something that relates to or is associated with the sense of hearing or the perception of sound through the ears. This word's history reflects its essence, as it describes anything connected to the auditory sense or the process of hearing, emphasizing its direct link to the ear and the experience of sound perception through this sensory organ.

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Further usage examples of aural

1. The aural quality of the recording was crystal clear.
2. The aural sensation of rain on the roof was soothing.
3. Aural communication is essential for effective teamwork.
4. She had an aural memory for melodies and tunes.
5. The aural environment in the city is often noisy.
6. Aural storytelling has been a tradition for generations.
7. The aural elements of the film added to its suspense.
8. Aural hallucinations can be a symptom of certain conditions.
9. The aural textures in the music created a rich listening experience.
10. Aural cues in the game help players navigate.
11. His aural skills allowed him to identify instruments by sound.
12. Aural therapy can help individuals with hearing difficulties.
13. The aural dimensions of the play enhanced the storytelling.
14. The aural complexity of the language fascinated linguists.
15. The symphony provided an aural feast of classical music that delighted the audience.
16. The gentle sound of the rain provided a soothing aural backdrop for reading a book.
17. He wore headphones to protect himself from the aural assault of the construction site's loud noise.
18. The aural test was part of the language exam to assess listening comprehension skills.
19. The movie's aural effects were so realistic that the audience felt as if they were part of the action.
20. She used aural training exercises to improve her ability to distinguish between different musical notes.
21. The doctor performed an aural examination to check for any signs of an ear infection.
22. The soundscape of the forest, with its rustling leaves and bird songs, created an immersive aural experience.
23. As a sound engineer, his job was to ensure the aural quality of the recordings was top-notch.
24. Her aural sensitivity to high-pitched sounds made it uncomfortable for her to be around loud noises.
25. Musicians often have excellent aural skills, which help them to identify and replicate pitches and rhythms.
26. The podcast offers a rich aural storytelling experience, combining narration with ambient sounds and music.


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