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How to pronounce sordid (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sordid

Marked by moral depravity, filthiness, or a squalid and shameful quality.
"The sordid details of the scandal were revealed in the newspaper."

Detailed meaning of sordid

When something is characterized as sordid, it typically implies a degree of moral corruption, immorality, or disgrace that is disturbing and offensive. Sordid stories often involve unseemly or unethical behavior, such as sordid affairs, sordid scandals, or sordid business practices. This term is commonly used in discussions about lurid or unsavory aspects of human behavior, drawing attention to actions or circumstances that are ignoble, shameful, or morally reprehensible. "Sordid" underscores the idea of something being tainted or debased, often eliciting a sense of moral condemnation or disgust.

Example sentences containing sordid

1. The detective uncovered a sordid plot involving corruption and blackmail.
2. The newspaper published an exposé revealing the sordid details of the scandal.
3. The abandoned building had a sordid past, haunted by tales of crime and tragedy.
4. The sordid affair ended in heartbreak and betrayal.
5. The sordid conditions in the slums were a stark reminder of social inequality.
6. The politician's sordid history of embezzlement was brought to light during the trial.

History and etymology of sordid

The adjective 'sordid' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It derives from the Latin word 'sordidus,' which means 'dirty' or 'filthy.' 'Sordidus' itself is derived from 'sordes,' meaning 'dirt' or 'filth.' Over time, 'sordid' evolved to describe not only physical dirtiness but also moral depravity and a shameful, squalid quality. The etymology of 'sordid' emphasizes the association between physical and moral filthiness, conveying the idea that something marked by moral depravity can be as repugnant and dirty as something covered in physical filth, thus carrying a strong negative moral connotation.

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Further usage examples of sordid

1. The protagonist escaped her sordid past and started a new life.
2. The sordid motel room reeked of cigarette smoke and desperation.
3. The crime scene was a chilling display of sordid violence.
4. The protagonist's sordid actions led to the downfall of his reputation.
5. The novel exposed the sordid underbelly of the city's elite society.
6. The sordid secrets of the powerful family were exposed in the courtroom.
7. The tabloid magazine published salacious stories about the sordid lives of celebrities.
8. The protagonist's sordid behavior tarnished his image in the community.
9. The sordid history of the company's unethical practices came to light.
10. The documentary shed light on the sordid truth behind the illegal drug trade.
11. The protagonist struggled to escape the sordid cycle of addiction and crime.
12. The sordid affair between the two co-workers caused tension in the office.
13. The sordid details of the murder case shocked the entire community.
14. The sordid truth about the politician's personal life overshadowed his political career.



seedy, pure, noble, honorable


GRE 3 (Graduate Record Examination), Danger and Threat, Decay and Degeneration, Decline and Decay, Anguish and Despair, Disdain and Contempt, Disgust and Aversion, Degenerate and Deplorable

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