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How to pronounce squalid (audio)


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Dictionary definition of squalid

Extremely dirty, foul, or wretched, usually as a result of poverty or neglect.
"He lived in a squalid shack on the outskirts of town."

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Detailed meaning of squalid

It can be used to refer to living conditions, living spaces, or even personal appearance. A squalid environment is often associated with poor hygiene and an overall lack of cleanliness. It can also refer to a morally corrupt or degraded situation or behavior. In general, the word "squalid" has negative connotations and is used to describe something that is unpleasant or undesirable.

Example sentences containing squalid

1. The abandoned house had a squalid interior, filled with trash and decay.
2. The refugee camp was overcrowded and had squalid living conditions.
3. The homeless man sought shelter in a squalid alleyway.
4. The motel room was squalid, with stained sheets and a foul smell.
5. The basement was a squalid space, infested with rats and mold.
6. The rundown apartment building had squalid hallways and broken windows.

History and etymology of squalid

The adjective 'squalid' has its origins in the Latin word 'squalidus,' which means 'dirty' or 'unkept.' 'Squalid' is used to describe conditions that are extremely dirty, foul, or wretched, often as a result of poverty, neglect, or squalor. It paints a vivid picture of sordid and unsanitary living conditions, emphasizing the lack of cleanliness and basic hygiene. 'Squalid' is typically associated with overcrowded and neglected urban areas, dilapidated housing, or places where poverty and deprivation have led to a state of squalor. This term underscores the dire need for improved living conditions and social support to alleviate the suffering of those trapped in squalid environments.

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Further usage examples of squalid

1. The neglected neighborhood had squalid streets and dilapidated buildings.
2. The prison cell was squalid, with no proper sanitation or ventilation.
3. The animal shelter rescued dogs from squalid puppy mills.
4. The makeshift camp had squalid tents and limited access to clean water.
5. The slum area had squalid living conditions and inadequate sanitation facilities.
6. The refugee boat arrived after days at sea, filled with people in squalid conditions.
7. The abandoned factory was a squalid place, covered in dirt and debris.
8. The impoverished village had squalid huts and lack of basic amenities.
9. The orphanage rescued children from squalid and abusive households.
10. The homeless shelter provided temporary relief from the squalid streets.
11. The prison cells were squalid and cramped, with no privacy.
12. The hoarder's house was squalid, with piles of garbage and clutter everywhere.
13. The neglected park had become a squalid dumping ground for litter and waste.
14. The migrant workers lived in squalid labor camps, with inadequate facilities and low wages.



filthy, pristine, clean, luxurious


GRE 2 (Graduate Record Examination), Deficiency and Shortage, Problems and Conundrums, Decay and Degeneration, Decline and Decay, Adversity and Obstacle, Discomfort and Distress, Disgust and Aversion, Alternative Lifestyles and Poverty

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