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How to pronounce spouse (audio)

Dictionary definition of spouse

A person's husband or wife in the context of a legally recognized and typically committed marital relationship.
"My spouse and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last week."

Detailed meaning of spouse

Spouses are united through a formal marriage ceremony or recognized partnership, and they share a significant bond built on love, trust, and mutual support. In many cultures and legal systems, marriage is considered a sacred or legally binding contract, and spouses often share responsibilities, rights, and privileges, including property, financial matters, and sometimes raising children together. The term 'spouse' is gender-neutral, acknowledging that a person can have a husband or a wife regardless of their own gender. Spousal relationships can vary widely in dynamics and roles, but they are typically characterized by a commitment to love, respect, and care for each other, making them a fundamental unit of family and partnership in society.

Example sentences containing spouse

1. She introduced her spouse to the family at the holiday gathering.
2. Their relationship was built on trust and mutual respect, which made them excellent spouses.
3. My spouse and I often enjoy taking long walks together in the evening.
4. He surprised his spouse with a romantic getaway for their anniversary.
5. She and her spouse decided to adopt a rescue dog from the local shelter.
6. A supportive spouse can make a significant difference during tough times.

History and etymology of spouse

The noun 'spouse' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'sponsus' (masculine) or 'sponsa' (feminine), which both mean 'betrothed' or 'intended spouse.' In ancient Rome, 'sponsus' referred to a man who had entered into a formal engagement or betrothal, and 'sponsa' referred to a woman in a similar circumstance. Over time, as the Latin language influenced the development of English, these terms evolved into 'spouse' to encompass both genders, referring to a person's husband or wife in the context of a legally recognized and typically committed marital relationship. The etymology of 'spouse' reflects its historical connection to the concept of betrothal and marriage, emphasizing the formal commitment and union between two individuals as they become each other's lawful partners in life.

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Further usage examples of spouse

1. My spouse is my biggest source of emotional support.
2. It's essential to communicate openly with your spouse to maintain a healthy marriage.
3. They both took on the responsibilities of being loving spouses and caring parents.
4. My spouse and I share the household chores to balance our responsibilities.
5. She thanked her spouse for always being there to lend a helping hand.
6. In many cultures, spouses exchange wedding rings as a symbol of commitment.
7. He and his spouse attended couples counseling to strengthen their relationship.
8. My spouse and I have different hobbies, but we respect each other's interests.
9. It's important to spend quality time with your spouse to nurture your connection.
10. She confided in her spouse about her dreams and aspirations.
11. He often surprises his spouse with small tokens of affection.
12. My spouse and I have built a life together filled with love and laughter.
13. They both valued honesty and transparency as spouses.
14. Their journey as spouses had its ups and downs, but their love remained strong.



partner, stranger, enemy, opponent


Dedication and Devotion, Companionship and Support, Criminal Justice and Penalties, Family and Relationships

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