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How to pronounce stratum (audio)

Dictionary definition of stratum

A level or class in a particular system of organization or categorization.
"In every society, there exists a stratum of wealth and poverty."

Detailed meaning of stratum

It can refer to a layer in a hierarchical structure, where each stratum represents a different category or group that can be differentiated from others based on certain characteristics. For example, in geology, strata refer to layers of rock or sediment that have been laid down over time and which can provide information about the Earth's history. In sociology, stratum can refer to different levels of wealth, education, or social status within a population. In both cases, stratum refers to a way of dividing things into specific categories or groups based on shared attributes, providing a framework for understanding and studying the world around us.

Example sentences containing stratum

1. The layers of social stratum in ancient societies were very complex.
2. She moved up the corporate stratum quickly with her determination and hard work.
3. The stratum of sediment at the dig site suggested an ancient civilization had lived there.
4. Each stratum of the earth reveals a different part of our planet's history.
5. The study analyzes the varying health outcomes across different socioeconomic stratum.
6. The stratum of cloud obscured the top of the mountain from view.

History and etymology of stratum

The noun 'stratum' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'stratum,' which means a bed or layer. This term evolved from the past participle of the verb 'sternere,' which means 'to spread or lay out.' In the context of organization or categorization, 'stratum' metaphorically refers to a distinct level or class, much like layers in a geological or architectural sense, illustrating the historical connection between the word's meaning and its Latin origin.

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Further usage examples of stratum

1. The archaeologist focused on a stratum that represented the late Bronze Age.
2. The underlying stratum of rock was exposed by the excavators.
3. The fossil was located in the third stratum of the excavation site.
4. The stratum of people in power often determines the society's direction.
5. The stratum of beliefs within the organization is complex and diverse.
6. By reaching the upper stratum of the business, she had accomplished her dreams.
7. The uppermost stratum of the cake was frosted with a shimmering glaze.
8. The stratum of the ocean where deep-sea creatures live is known as the abyssal zone.
9. The stratum of air closest to Earth is called the troposphere.
10. The students learned about the different stratum of the rainforest ecosystem.
11. The stratum of the skin affected by the disease was the epidermis.
12. Each stratum of the painting's history offered a different insight into the artist's mind.
13. The upper stratum of society enjoys luxurious privileges.
14. This book explores the historical stratum of ancient civilizations.
15. Education can move you up the social stratum.
16. The upper stratum of management makes crucial decisions.
17. We must address inequality within each stratum.
18. Geologists study each stratum of Earth's crust.
19. The financial stratum of the population faces economic challenges.
20. The bookshelf represents a different stratum of literature.
21. In sociology, we analyze the stratum of social classes.
22. The apartment building caters to every stratum of income.
23. Different strata of the atmosphere have distinct properties.
24. Archaeologists excavated an ancient cultural stratum.



layer, jumble, disarray, mix


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