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How to pronounce triumphant (audio)


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Dictionary definition of triumphant

Great victory, success, or achievement.
"The triumphant athlete raised their arms in victory as they crossed the finish line."

Detailed meaning of triumphant

When something or someone is triumphant, it means they have overcome challenges, obstacles, or opposition and emerged victorious. It conveys a sense of glory, elation, and accomplishment. Triumphant individuals or entities have accomplished their goals or achieved a significant outcome, often against significant odds or adversity. This adjective implies a feeling of exultation, pride, and satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something remarkable or noteworthy. It can be applied to various contexts, such as sports, warfare, personal accomplishments, or even symbolic victories. The term triumphant captures the essence of achieving glory and experiencing the exhilaration that accompanies remarkable achievements or successful endeavors.

Example sentences containing triumphant

1. The triumphant team lifted the championship trophy in celebration.
2. After years of hard work, she felt triumphant as she received her college degree.
3. The triumphant general led his army to victory in the decisive battle.
4. The athlete's triumphant smile reflected his satisfaction with his record-breaking performance.
5. With a triumphant cry, he crossed the finish line, securing first place in the race.
6. The students were filled with triumphant joy as they aced their final exams.

History and etymology of triumphant

The adjective 'triumphant' is derived from the noun 'triumph,' which has its roots in the Latin word 'triumphus.' In ancient Rome, a 'triumphus' was a grand and celebratory procession held to honor victorious generals and their armies. This term likely evolved from the verb 'triumphare,' meaning 'to triumph' or 'to be victorious.' 'Triumphant' describes a state of great victory, success, or achievement, reflecting the exultant and victorious feelings associated with accomplishing significant feats. It conveys a sense of pride, glory, and elation that accompanies moments of triumph and accomplishment.

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Further usage examples of triumphant

1. The triumphant actor accepted the prestigious award with gratitude and humility.
2. She felt triumphant as she overcame her fears and delivered a flawless performance.
3. The triumphant politician celebrated their landslide victory with supporters.
4. The triumphant scientist's groundbreaking discovery revolutionized the field of technology.
5. With a triumphant smile, she completed the marathon, surpassing her personal best.
6. The triumphant chef's culinary skills impressed even the most discerning food critics.
7. The team celebrated their triumphant victory with cheers and applause.
8. After months of hard work, she felt triumphant upon receiving her diploma.
9. The triumphant leader addressed the crowd, basking in the glory of their accomplishment.
10. The artist felt triumphant as their artwork was displayed in a prestigious gallery.
11. The underdog emerged as the triumphant winner, surprising everyone.
12. After a long legal battle, the plaintiff finally experienced a triumphant moment in court.
13. The student's hard work and dedication paid off with a triumphant academic performance.
14. The triumphant explorer reached the mountain's summit, conquering a personal challenge.
15. The writer's novel received glowing reviews, marking a triumphant debut in the literary world.
16. The company celebrated a triumphant year with record-breaking sales and profits.
17. The community came together for a triumphant celebration after completing a successful fundraising campaign.



victorious, defeated, unsuccessful, failing


Suffix -ant, ACT 14 (American College Testing), Wholeness and Completion, Celebration and Festivities

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