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How to pronounce effective (audio)

Dictionary definition of effective

Successfully achieving an intended purpose or desired outcome.
"The new marketing campaign was highly effective in boosting sales."

Detailed meaning of effective

It refers to the capability of producing the desired or expected result with a high level of efficiency and competence. When something is effective, it is able to bring about the desired effect, fulfill its objectives, or solve a problem in an efficient and productive manner. An effective solution or approach is one that proves to be successful, reliable, and impactful, often surpassing expectations and yielding positive results. Whether applied to a person, method, strategy, or tool, effectiveness implies the ability to accomplish tasks and achieve goals in a way that is efficient, reliable, and meaningful.

Example sentences containing effective

1. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are key to maintaining effective weight management.
2. The team implemented an effective communication strategy to improve collaboration.
3. The medicine proved to be highly effective in treating the symptoms.
4. The company's effective cost-cutting measures resulted in significant savings.
5. The teacher used a variety of effective teaching techniques to engage the students.
6. The security system in place was effective in preventing unauthorized access.

History and etymology of effective

The adjective 'effective' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'effectivus,' which comes from 'effectus,' the past participle of 'efficere.' 'Efficere' is a combination of 'ex,' meaning 'out of,' and 'facere,' meaning 'to make' or 'to do.' Therefore, the etymology of 'effective' conveys the idea of something successfully achieving an intended purpose or desired outcome, as if it has been made or done with the desired effect. 'Effective' describes actions, methods, or strategies that produce the desired results, emphasizing their capacity to bring about a specific effect or impact in a reliable and efficient manner. This word reflects the concept of achieving effectiveness through the skillful execution of tasks or the implementation of plans.

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Further usage examples of effective

1. The effective leadership of the manager led to increased employee morale.
2. The organization implemented an effective recycling program to reduce waste.
3. The effective use of social media led to a surge in brand awareness.
4. The negotiation skills of the lawyer were instrumental in reaching an effective settlement.
5. The project team's effective time management ensured timely completion of the tasks.His effective leadership guided the team to victory.
6. The medicine proved highly effective in treating the illness.
7. Effective communication is crucial for a healthy relationship.
8. The campaign's effective strategy led to a landslide win.
9. An effective solution must address the root of the problem.
10. Her effective time management allowed for great productivity.
11. The company's cost-effective measures saved money.
12. Effective teamwork leads to efficient project completion.
13. The teacher's effective teaching methods engaged students.
14. The sunscreen was not very effective against sunburn.
15. Effective planning minimized the project's setbacks.
16. The training program was highly effective in skill development.
17. A well-structured resume is essential for effective job hunting.
18. Effective parenting requires patience and understanding.
19. The lawyer's effective argument won the case.
20. Effective marketing increased product sales substantially.
21. The vaccine has proven to be highly effective against the virus.
22. Effective negotiation skills are essential in business.
23. The diplomat's effective diplomacy helped ease tensions.
24. An effective apology can mend broken relationships.



successful, ineffective, useless, futile


Progress and Enhancement, Utility and Advancement, Appropriate and Suitable, Pinnacle and Perfection, Success and Achievement

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