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How to pronounce surfeit (audio)


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Dictionary definition of surfeit

An excessive amount of something, often to the point of causing discomfort or illness.
"The surfeit of sugar in his diet was bad for his health."

Detailed meaning of surfeit

It can also refer to an indulgence or overconsumption of food or drink. The term can be used to describe a variety of situations where there is an excess of something, including an overabundance of wealth, possessions, or even emotions. When someone experiences a surfeit of something, they may feel overwhelmed or burdened by the abundance, and the consequences can be negative. For example, a surfeit of food can lead to indigestion or obesity, while a surfeit of emotions can lead to anxiety or exhaustion. In short, surfeit describes a state of excess that can be detrimental to one's well-being.

Example sentences containing surfeit

1. After the feast, they were all suffering from a surfeit of food.
2. The market had a surfeit of tomatoes due to the bountiful harvest.
3. She had a surfeit of dresses, yet she always felt she had nothing to wear.
4. He has a surfeit of ideas, but lacks the time to implement them.
5. The city boasts a surfeit of art galleries for enthusiasts to explore.
6. Our culture often has a surfeit of information but a deficit of wisdom.

History and etymology of surfeit

The noun 'surfeit' has its etymological origins in Old French and Latin. It is derived from the Old French word 'surfet,' which means 'excess' or 'overindulgence.' This Old French term, in turn, was influenced by the Latin word 'superfacere,' which means 'to overdo' or 'to overindulge.' A 'surfeit' refers to an excessive amount of something, typically to the point of causing discomfort or illness. It can apply to various contexts, including the overconsumption of food, drink, or any other substance. The etymology of 'surfeit' highlights its historical connection to the idea of going beyond reasonable limits or indulging excessively, often to the detriment of one's well-being.

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Further usage examples of surfeit

1. There's a surfeit of reality shows on television these days.
2. He felt ill after consuming a surfeit of sweets.
3. With a surfeit of free time, she took up painting.
4. There is no surfeit of problems in the world; what's lacking is solutions.
5. She had a surfeit of enthusiasm, but lacked practical skills.
6. The company has a surfeit of funds, but a shortage of innovative ideas.
7. I've accumulated a surfeit of books that I have no room for.
8. The recent holiday season led to a surfeit of toys in the children's room.
9. With the surfeit of applicants, selecting the right candidate was a challenge.
10. There's a surfeit of coffee shops in this neighborhood.
11. I can't watch another minute of the news; I have a surfeit of politics.
12. She has a surfeit of patience, a rare trait these days.
13. After the Christmas season, the food bank had a surfeit of canned goods.
14. There's no such thing as a surfeit of happiness in life.



excess, shortage, lack, scarcity


SAT 18 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Abundance and Excess, Food and Drink

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