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How to pronounce plethora (audio)

Dictionary definition of plethora

An excessive or overabundant quantity or supply of something, often to the point of excess or saturation.
"The website had a plethora of useful resources for people looking to learn a new skill."

Detailed meaning of plethora

It conveys the idea of having an overwhelming and surplus amount of a particular item, quality, or option. For example, a plethora of choices at a restaurant might make it challenging to decide what to order, or a plethora of information on the internet can sometimes lead to confusion. "Plethora" emphasizes the notion of an abundance that goes beyond what is necessary or manageable, sometimes resulting in an impractical or overwhelming situation. In essence, it signifies an excessive or superfluous quantity, suggesting a state of surplus or profusion.

Example sentences containing plethora

1. The buffet offered a plethora of delicious dishes.
2. The store had a plethora of options for shoppers.
3. His resume boasted a plethora of impressive skills.
4. The market was flooded with a plethora of fresh produce.
5. The internet provides a plethora of information on any topic.
6. The city's skyline featured a plethora of towering skyscrapers.

History and etymology of plethora

The noun 'plethora' has an intriguing etymology that traces its origins to both Greek and Latin. It comes from the Greek word 'plethōra,' which originally referred to a medical condition of excess blood. In Greek, 'plethōra' means 'fullness' or 'excess.' This term was later adopted into Latin as 'plethōra,' and from there, it found its way into English as 'plethora.' Over time, the meaning of 'plethora' broadened to refer to an excessive or overabundant quantity or supply of something, often to the point of excess or saturation. Therefore, the etymology of 'plethora' carries with it the notion of fullness and excess, capturing the essence of an overwhelming and surplus quantity of something.

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Further usage examples of plethora

1. The bookshop had a plethora of genres to choose from.
2. Her wardrobe contained a plethora of stylish outfits.
3. The conference provided a plethora of networking opportunities.
4. The festival showcased a plethora of musical talents.
5. Her new job came with a plethora of benefits and privileges.
6. There's a plethora of self-help books available these days.
7. The plethora of rules and regulations hindered creativity.
8. The new mayor will inherit a plethora of problems.
9. The store had a plethora of different types of candy to choose from.
10. He had a plethora of ideas for his next project, but he had trouble deciding which one to pursue.
11. She was overwhelmed by the plethora of options available for her vacation destination.
12. The letter contained a plethora of embarrassing typos.
13. He was surprised by the plethora of job openings in his field.
14. She had a plethora of clothes in her closet, but she couldn't find anything to wear.
15. The city had a plethora of restaurants to choose from, offering a wide range of cuisines.
16. He had a plethora of tools in his garage, but he couldn't find the one he needed.
17. She was impressed by the plethora of activities available at the resort.
18. The festival had a plethora of food vendors, offering a wide variety of dishes.
19. He had a plethora of books on his bookshelf, but he couldn't decide which one to read next.
20. She was amazed by the plethora of wildlife in the national park.


excess, scarcity, lack, dearth


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