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How to pronounce swell (audio)


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Dictionary definition of swell

To become larger, bigger, or more voluminous, often due to the accumulation of fluid or air.
"I can feel my heart swell with pride when I see my child's achievements."


Detailed meaning of swell

It signifies an increase in size or volume, often resulting in a bulging or expanding appearance. Swelling can occur in various contexts, such as physical objects, body parts, or emotions. When an object swells, it undergoes an expansion, stretching, or distention. In the context of the human body, swelling can be a response to injury or inflammation, causing tissues to enlarge and become puffy. Emotionally, swelling can describe a feeling of growing intensity or magnitude, such as swelling with pride or swelling with anger. Overall, the verb "swell" portrays a process of enlargement, whether in a physical, tangible, or emotional sense.

Example sentences containing swell

1. As the moon rose, the ocean began to swell, embracing the sandy shores warmly.
2. Winds blew fiercely, making the open sail swell like a giant, ethereal wing.
3. A soft hum resonated as the concert crowd's excitement made the hall swell.
4. Water gushed in, causing the once small puddle to swell beyond its bounds.
5. In the valley, as rains poured, the tiny streams began to swell in harmony.
6. Amidst the serene night, the gentle breeze made the curtains swell and dance.

History and etymology of swell

The verb 'swell' has its etymological roots in the Old English word 'swellan,' which means 'to grow larger' or 'to become swollen.' This Old English term can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic base 'swelanan,' which carries a similar sense of expansion or increase in size. 'Swell' describes the process of something becoming larger, bigger, or more voluminous, often due to the accumulation of fluid or air. It is commonly used to depict the swelling of various objects or body parts, such as rivers swelling with water during heavy rain, or an injured area of the body swelling as part of the body's natural response to injury. The word 'swell' has retained this fundamental meaning throughout its linguistic evolution.

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Further usage examples of swell

1. As she played the final note, the sound seemed to swell, filling every corner.
2. He watched in awe as the balloons started to swell, bright against the sky.
3. With each heartbeat, the melody began to swell, echoing an eternal song.
4. Sun's first rays touched the clouds, causing colors to swell across the sky.
5. The musician’s energy was contagious; the applause began to swell loudly.
6. A gust of wind entered, and the room seemed to swell with a mystical energy.
7. Underneath the warm sun, grapes on the vine began to swell, promising wine.
8. As laughter filled the air, the atmosphere in the room began to swell warmly.
9. Every teardrop caused the tiny puddle below to swell, reflecting her sorrow.
10. The scent of blooming flowers in spring caused the garden's allure to swell.
11. Each drop of rain made the river swell, mirroring the grey, stormy skies.
12. As the train chugged on, sounds of the whistle and tracks began to swell.
13. With every word he spoke, the energy in the room seemed to swell immensely.
14. In the golden evening light, shadows began to swell, painting a silent story.
15. As the choir’s voices united, the church's sacred atmosphere began to swell.
16. Amidst the quiet, the whisper of leaves in the wind caused the forest to swell.
17. As dancers moved in unison, the rhythm and energy of the stage began to swell.
18. Every stroke of the brush caused the painting’s life-like essence to swell.
19. As the news spread, a mix of emotions caused the city’s energy to swell.
20. The aroma of freshly baked bread caused the warmth in the kitchen to swell.
21. With each chant, the stadium's energy seemed to swell, vibrating intensely.
22. As the seedlings received sunlight, their green shoots began to swell and grow.
23. The magician’s every trick made the audience’s amazement and wonder swell.
24. Under the starlit sky, the sounds of the night began to swell, alive and vivid.



enlarge, shrink, deflate, diminish


Determination and Tenacity, Occasions and Occurrences, Growth and Development

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