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How to pronounce bloat (audio)

Dictionary definition of bloat

To swell or enlarge something, often to an abnormal or excessive degree.
"She noticed her belly beginning to bloat after the meal."

Detailed meaning of bloat

When something is "bloated," it has become distended, inflated, or swollen beyond its normal size or capacity. This term is frequently used to describe physical conditions, such as when the stomach or abdomen bloats due to gas or overeating, leading to discomfort and a visibly swollen appearance. Additionally, "bloat" can be applied metaphorically to describe situations where something has become excessively inflated or filled with unnecessary elements, making it cumbersome or less efficient. For example, a document with excessive and unnecessary information can be said to be "bloated." Overall, "bloat" conveys the idea of enlargement or expansion that goes beyond what is normal or desirable, whether in a physical or figurative sense.

Example sentences of bloat

1. The company's workforce had begun to bloat with unnecessary hires.
2. Excessive salt can cause your body to bloat, leading to discomfort.
3. Drinking fizzy drinks on an empty stomach might make you bloat.
4. Avoid eating foods that make you bloat before the big event.
5. The budget seems to bloat each year, despite efforts to control spending.
6. If you consume dairy and have lactose intolerance, your stomach can bloat.

History and etymology of bloat

The verb 'bloat' has its origins in Middle English, where it was spelled as 'bloten' or 'blouten.' It is believed to have evolved from the Old Norse word 'blautr,' which meant 'soft' or 'flabby.' Over time, 'bloat' came to describe the act of swelling or enlarging something, often to an abnormal or excessive degree. Its etymology reflects the idea of something becoming soft or flabby due to an excess of air, liquid, or other substances, which leads to a noticeable increase in size. In its modern usage, 'bloat' is often associated with the uncomfortable or abnormal distension of objects, particularly the swelling of the abdomen or the overinflation of something.

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Further usage examples of bloat

1. Beans are nutritious but can make some people bloat, especially if not properly prepared.
2. The project timeline started to bloat due to constant changes in scope.
3. Certain types of food, like cabbage and broccoli, can cause your stomach to bloat.
4. When the data is not managed properly, the database can start to bloat.
5. Eating too quickly can make your stomach bloat, so try to slow down.
6. Even though it is essential for your health, drinking a lot of water can occasionally cause you to bloat.
7. It's not uncommon for software to bloat when developers continuously add features without optimizing the code.
8. Canned and processed foods often contain high amounts of sodium, which can make you bloat.
9. The toad began to bloat as a defense mechanism when it sensed danger.
10. A diet high in salt can make your face bloat.
11. Eating a heavy meal late at night can make your stomach bloat by morning.
12. The team found it challenging to manage the project as its scope began to bloat.
13. Artificial sweeteners, while calorie-free, can make some people bloat.
14. Stress can cause your body to bloat due to hormonal changes.
15. The production costs began to bloat, creating financial issues for the film.



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