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How to pronounce augment (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'augment'

Having been increased, enlarged, or enhanced in size, quantity, or quality.
"The chef used spices to augment the flavor of the dish."

Detailed Meaning of 'augment'

When an object, attribute, or aspect is described as augment, it implies that it has been added to or improved upon to make it greater or more substantial. Augmented reality (AR), for instance, refers to a technology that enhances the real-world environment by overlaying digital information or elements onto it. In the context of personal development, someone might undertake a journey of self-augmentation, seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills, or character traits. "Augment" underscores the idea of improvement, enlargement, or enhancement, highlighting the positive changes made to amplify or strengthen a particular aspect or entity.

History and Etymology of 'augment'

The adjective 'augment' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'augmentare,' which means 'to increase' or 'to enlarge.' In English, 'augment' is used to describe something that has been increased, enlarged, or enhanced in size, quantity, or quality. The term 'augment' emphasizes the idea of adding to or enhancing something, reflecting its Latin origins in the concept of augmentation or growth. It is commonly used in various contexts, including music, mathematics, and general vocabulary, to denote the process of making something larger or more significant.

Examples of 'augment' in a Sentence

1. The government augmented funding for education programs.
2. The musician augmented the sound of the band with electronic instruments.
3. The writer augmented the story with vivid descriptions.
4. The engineer augmented the design with new technologies.
5. The teacher augmented the lesson with hands-on activities.
6. The new software will augment productivity and efficiency significantly.
7. They aim to augment their team with highly skilled professionals.
8. Augment your knowledge and skills through continuous learning.
9. Innovation can augment a company's competitive edge in the market.
10. Augmented reality technology enhances gaming experiences dramatically.
11. The chef used a blend of spices to augment the flavor profile.
12. Adding more resources and manpower will augment project efficiency.
13. This strategic investment will augment our financial portfolio substantially.
14. Augment your workout routine with proper nutrition and recovery.
15. Education has the power to augment one's career prospects significantly.
16. New technology has the potential to augment communication on a global scale.
17. The museum's collection was augmented significantly by generous donations.
18. Augmented data analytics can greatly improve decision-making processes.
19. We need to augment our emergency preparedness to ensure safety.
20. Augmenting the team size will expedite the completion of the project.
21. Augment your professional skills continually to excel in your career.
22. They plan to augment customer satisfaction by enhancing service quality.
23. Augmenting biodiversity is crucial for the health of ecosystems worldwide.
24. The orchestra augmented its repertoire with classic compositions.
25. Augmented reality apps enhance real-world experiences in innovative ways.





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