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How to pronounce synthesis (audio)

Dictionary definition of synthesis

The combining of different elements or components to create something new.
"The synthesis of different musical genres gave birth to rock and roll."

Detailed meaning of synthesis

It involves the integration of ideas, concepts, or materials to produce a unified whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Synthesis is often used in scientific, artistic, and philosophical contexts to describe the process of bringing together various ideas or elements to create a new understanding or expression. In chemistry, synthesis involves combining different chemicals to create a new compound, while in music, it involves blending different sounds and musical styles to create a unique composition. Synthesis is an important skill in problem-solving, creativity, and innovation as it requires the ability to analyze, evaluate, and integrate diverse information to produce a novel and cohesive solution.

Example sentences containing synthesis

1. The chemist conducted a synthesis of new compounds in the laboratory.
2. The synthesis of art and technology resulted in stunning digital masterpieces.
3. The synthesis of different musical genres created a unique and captivating sound.
4. The researcher presented a synthesis of various scientific theories to support her hypothesis.
5. The company achieved success through the synthesis of innovative ideas and market demands.
6. The synthesis of historical events provided a comprehensive understanding of the time period.

History and etymology of synthesis

The noun 'synthesis' has its etymology rooted in Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'sunthesis,' which combines 'sun,' meaning 'together,' and 'thesis,' meaning 'a placing' or 'a proposition.' In Greek, 'sunthesis' referred to the act of placing different things together to form a whole or the composition of various elements into a unified entity. 'Synthesis' entered the English language in the 17th century and is used to describe the process of combining different elements or components to create something new. Its etymology underscores the idea of bringing things together to form a coherent whole, as implied by its Greek origins in 'sunthesis,' highlighting the process of integration and unification that characterizes synthesis.

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Further usage examples of synthesis

1. The synthesis of flavors in the recipe created a delicious and harmonious dish.
2. The student's essay was praised for its synthesis of multiple perspectives on the topic.
3. The artist's work showcased the synthesis of vibrant colors and abstract forms.
4. The synthesis of data from multiple studies revealed significant correlations.
5. The professor encouraged critical thinking and synthesis of information in the classroom.
6. The synthesis of classical and modern dance styles produced a captivating performance.
7. The researcher proposed a synthesis of existing research findings to address the research gap.
8. The chemist used a complex synthesis to create a new compound.
9. The synthesis of various ideas led to the development of modern psychology.
10. The artist's latest painting was a synthesis of different styles and techniques.
11. The synthesis of different research studies produced a comprehensive report.
12. The synthesis of historical events helped us understand the cultural context of the time.
13. The scientist was praised for his innovative synthesis of existing theories.
14. The synthesis of different teaching strategies improved student learning outcomes.
15. The writer's novel was a synthesis of personal experiences and fictional elements.
16. The synthesis of different perspectives helped resolve the conflict.
17. The designer's clothing line was a synthesis of traditional and modern fashion.
18. The engineer's synthesis of various technologies created a groundbreaking invention.



combination, separation, division, disconnection


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