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How to pronounce totality (audio)

Dictionary definition of totality

The state or condition of being complete, whole, or encompassing everything within a particular scope or context.
"The solar eclipse was a breathtaking display of the moon's totality covering the sun."

Detailed meaning of totality

It signifies the entirety or fullness of something, without any omissions or exclusions. "Totality" can describe the complete extent, range, or extent of a concept, phenomenon, or situation. It implies the absence of partiality or fragmentation, emphasizing the unity or coherence of all its constituent parts. The term is often used in contexts such as astronomy to describe the complete coverage of one celestial body by another during an eclipse, where the entire object is obscured. Figuratively, "totality" can describe a state of absolute or comprehensive understanding, where one has considered all aspects or factors involved. It conveys a sense of wholeness, entirety, or totality in various domains, highlighting the idea of completeness or full coverage.

Example sentences containing totality

1. The artist captured the totality of human emotions in their powerful and evocative painting.
2. They were captivated by the beauty of the night sky and the totality of the stars.
3. The scientist's research explored the totality of the ecosystem, considering all its intricate components.
4. The philosopher sought to understand the totality of human existence through deep introspection.
5. The entrepreneur embraced the totality of the business, taking into account all aspects of its operations.
6. The historian meticulously studied the totality of historical events to provide a comprehensive account.

History and etymology of totality

The noun 'totality' is closely linked to its root word 'total.' It denotes the state or condition of being complete, whole, or encompassing everything within a particular scope or context. The word 'totality' draws its etymological roots from the Latin word 'totalitas,' which means 'the whole' or 'the entirety.' This concept of totality has been used across various fields, including philosophy, mathematics, and, more broadly, to describe a comprehensive and all-encompassing state. The connection to its root word 'total' underscores the idea of entirety and unity, highlighting the notion that 'totality' represents the full and unbroken whole within a given domain or framework.

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Further usage examples of totality

1. The meditation practice aimed to connect individuals with the totality of their inner being.
2. The team analyzed the totality of available data to make informed decisions.
3. The writer's novel portrayed the totality of a person's life, from birth to death.
4. The doctor considered the totality of the patient's symptoms to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.
5. The spiritual teacher emphasized the importance of recognizing the totality of one's interconnectedness with the universe.
6. The totality of his argument left no room for doubt.
7. We must consider the totality of the evidence.
8. Achieving success requires embracing the totality of one's abilities.
9. The totality of the project's scope was overwhelming.
10. In the totality of her life, she found purpose and meaning.
11. The totality of nature's beauty is awe-inspiring.
12. Understanding the totality of the problem is essential.
13. The totality of their love was evident in every gesture.
14. The artist aimed to capture the totality of human emotion.
15. We should strive for the totality of our potential.
16. His speech encompassed the totality of their concerns.
17. The totality of the situation became clear with time.
18. She appreciated the totality of the experience.
19. The totality of history shapes our present.
20. The totality of her knowledge was impressive.
21. In the totality of the moment, he found clarity.
22. We should appreciate the totality of our existence.
23. The totality of the data supported their hypothesis.
24. The totality of the view from the mountaintop was breathtaking.
25. Understanding the totality of the universe is a lifelong pursuit.



completeness, incompleteness, part, fraction


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