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How to pronounce tousled (audio)


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Dictionary definition of tousled

Disheveled, rumpled or messy in appearance, typically of hair or fabric.
"The actress's tousled hair gave her a carefree and effortless look."

Detailed meaning of tousled

This adjective is commonly used to describe hair that is disordered, tangled, or untidy as a result of not having been brushed, combed, or styled. When describing fabric, it may refer to a material that is crumpled, wrinkled, or not neatly pressed. The tousled appearance is often viewed as a relaxed and informal look, and it may be deliberately created through styling techniques such as backcombing or scrunching.

Example sentences containing tousled

1. Her tousled hair gave her a carefree and casual appearance.
2. After a windy day at the beach, his hair was tousled and salt-encrusted.
3. The toddler's tousled clothes indicated a day of play and exploration.
4. His tousled beard added to his rugged and adventurous look.
5. She woke up with tousled sheets and disheveled blankets.
6. The actor's tousled hair was perfectly styled for a "bedhead" look.

History and etymology of tousled

The adjective 'tousled' originated from the Middle English word 'tuselen,' which meant 'to handle or mess up' and is related to the word 'tous,' meaning 'tuft of hair.' It entered the English language in the late 15th century. 'Tousled' is used to describe something, often hair or fabric, that appears disheveled, rumpled, or messy in appearance. The etymology of 'tousled' effectively conveys the idea of something being handled or disturbed in a way that results in an untidy or disordered appearance. Whether used to describe a tousled hairstyle after a night's sleep or the tousled sheets on a bed, this term captures the sense of disorder and informality in appearance or arrangement.

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Further usage examples of tousled

1. The storm left the garden in a tousled state, with plants askew.
2. The morning breeze tousled the leaves on the trees.
3. The tousled sand dunes were sculpted by the desert wind.
4. The tousled feathers of the bird made it appear fluffed and cozy.
5. His tousled tie suggested a rushed morning routine.
6. The model's tousled hair added an air of effortless beauty.
7. The tousled waves of the ocean crashed against the shore.
8. After the playful pillow fight, their hair was tousled and tousled.
9. The tousled covers hinted at a restless night of sleep.
10. The tousled fur of the puppy made it even more endearing.
11. The tousled leaves on the forest floor were a sign of autumn's arrival.
12. The tousled curtains allowed a glimpse of the sunrise.
13. The tousled sand on the beach was marked with footprints.
14. The tousled script on the chalkboard indicated a passionate lecture.
15. The tousled coat of the cat was soft and inviting.
16. The tousled garden was full of colorful, wildflowers.
17. The tousled paper had a hand-drawn, artistic quality.
18. The tousled waves in her hair were achieved with a curling iron.
19. The tousled look was in vogue, with fashionistas embracing the casual style.



rumpled, neat, tidy, well-groomed


SAT 19 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Fashion and Flamboyance, Clothing and Appearance

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