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How to pronounce bedraggled (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'bedraggled'

Appearing disheveled, untidy, and worn out, typically due to being wet, dirty, or exhausted.
"The bedraggled cat looked like it had been living on the streets for a long time."

Detailed Meaning of 'bedraggled'

When someone or something is characterized as bedraggled, it implies a state of disarray and disarray, often accompanied by a bedraggled appearance with wet, matted hair or clothes, as if they have endured adverse conditions or endured hardship. This term can apply to various contexts, such as a bedraggled hiker returning from a rain-soaked trek, a bedraggled stray animal with dirty, tangled fur, or a bedraggled individual who has faced challenging circumstances that have left them looking disheveled and fatigued. "Bedraggled" underscores the idea of something being unkempt and exhausted, often evoking a sense of sympathy or the need for rejuvenation and care.

History and Etymology of 'bedraggled'

The adjective 'bedraggled' has its roots in the word 'draggle,' which means 'to make wet, dirty, or untidy by dragging through mud or water.' The 'be-' prefix in 'bedraggled' intensifies this action, emphasizing a state of extreme dishevelment and weariness. 'Bedraggled' entered the English language in the 18th century. It is used to describe something or someone that appears disheveled, untidy, and worn out, typically due to being wet, dirty, or exhausted. Whether used to describe a bedraggled traveler caught in a rainstorm, a bedraggled bird with wet feathers, or a bedraggled garden after a storm, this term effectively conveys the idea of something or someone in a sorry and disordered state.

Examples of 'bedraggled' in a Sentence

1. The abandoned building had a bedraggled appearance with broken windows.
2. The neglected garden had a bedraggled assortment of overgrown plants.
3. The stray dog had a bedraggled coat and a hopeful look in its eyes.
4. The once-impressive mansion now stood bedraggled and abandoned.
5. The carnival clown's bedraggled costume added to his comical appeal.
6. The old man's beard was long and bedraggled, reaching his chest.
7. The shipwreck survivors arrived on the shore, bedraggled and shaken.
8. The wet and bedraggled tourists sought refuge from the sudden downpour.
9. The soldier's uniform was torn and bedraggled from the battle.
10. The actress played the role of a bedraggled beggar in the film.
11. The homeless man's cardboard sign was as bedraggled as he appeared.
12. The once-pristine park now had a bedraggled appearance due to neglect.
13. The street cat had a bedraggled tail but a friendly disposition.
14. The haunted house's bedraggled appearance added to its eerie atmosphere.
15. The party balloons looked bedraggled after being outside in the wind.
16. The abandoned factory was filled with bedraggled relics of the past.
17. The garden party was canceled due to the bedraggled condition of the venue.
18. The detective's bedraggled appearance reflected his relentless pursuit of the case.
19. The bedraggled backpackers finally reached the mountain summit, exhausted but elated.





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