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How to pronounce ruffled (audio)

Dictionary definition of ruffled

In a state of agitation, disturbance, or disarray.
"The news of the unexpected cancellation left the attendees ruffled and confused."

Detailed meaning of ruffled

It refers to an object, surface, or person that has become wrinkled, tousled, or unsettled. When something is described as ruffled, it often implies a sense of being disheveled, uneven, or untidy. For example, ruffled feathers typically refer to the state of a bird's plumage when it is disturbed or agitated. Similarly, ruffled hair suggests a messy or tousled appearance due to movement or lack of grooming. Additionally, the term can be used metaphorically to describe a person's emotional or mental state when they are upset, agitated, or annoyed. Overall, the adjective 'ruffled' conveys a sense of disturbance, disorder, or agitation in various contexts.

Example sentences containing ruffled

1. The strong wind left her hair ruffled and tangled.
2. The cat emerged from under the bed with a ruffled fur, clearly annoyed.
3. His ruffled shirt collar and wrinkled suit suggested a long and exhausting day.
4. The dog's ruffled feathers indicated it had just been in a scuffle with another bird.
5. She arrived at the party with a ruffled appearance, having rushed to get ready.
6. The storm left the once smooth lake's surface ruffled and choppy.

History and etymology of ruffled

The adjective 'ruffled,' conveying a state of agitation, disturbance, or disarray, has its origins in the English language, specifically the verb 'ruffle,' which emerged in the early 15th century. 'Ruffle' can be linked to the Middle English word 'rufle,' which meant to disorder or disturb the smoothness or neatness of something, such as clothing or feathers. The exact etymology beyond Middle English is somewhat uncertain, but it is thought to be onomatopoeic in nature, mimicking the sound of rustling or the disturbance of something smooth. Over time, 'ruffled' came to describe anything that was disturbed or disordered, whether it be someone's emotions, appearance, or a tranquil setting, effectively capturing the idea of a state of agitation or disarray.

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Further usage examples of ruffled

1. The child's ruffled temper was evident from the tantrum they threw.
2. The argument left their relationship ruffled, with tension in the air.
3. The chef's ruffled apron showed signs of a busy and messy kitchen.
4. The wind played with the curtains, leaving them ruffled and unevenly draped.
5. The hiker emerged from the forest with a ruffled backpack and dirt-streaked clothes.
6. Her ruffled hair indicated she had just woken up.
7. The wind ruffled the surface of the calm lake.
8. His ruffled temper caused unnecessary arguments.
9. The cat's ruffled fur suggested it was scared.
10. The storm left the garden in a ruffled state.
11. She appeared ruffled after the heated debate.
12. The disorganized office left her feeling ruffled.
13. His ruffled shirt indicated a rushed morning.
14. The news left everyone in a ruffled state of mind.
15. The ruffled feathers on the bird's head were striking.
16. The dog's barking left her feeling ruffled.
17. The unexpected visitor left her ruffled but intrigued.
18. Her ruffled dress reflected her hurried morning.
19. He arrived with a ruffled appearance, disheveled.
20. The ruffled leaves indicated a squirrel's presence.
21. The ruffled papers on his desk annoyed him.
22. The ruffled sea signaled an approaching storm.
23. Their ruffled relationship needed some repair.
24. She tried to calm her ruffled nerves with deep breaths.
25. The teacher's ruffled patience was evident to the class.



agitated, calm, composed, unruffled


Discomfort and Distress, Emotional Turmoil and Tension, Chaos and Confusion

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