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How to pronounce transmit (audio)


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Dictionary definition of transmit

To send or convey something from one place, person, or device to another.
"The satellite will transmit the live feed to viewers around the world."

Detailed meaning of transmit

It involves the transfer of information, signals, data, or messages through a medium, such as airwaves, cables, or electronic systems. Transmitting can occur in various forms, including verbal communication, written messages, electronic signals, or even through non-verbal means like gestures or facial expressions. The process of transmission often involves encoding the information at the source, transmitting it through a chosen medium, and decoding it at the receiving end to retrieve the original message. Transmission is fundamental to various fields, such as telecommunications, broadcasting, networking, and even biological processes like nerve impulses. It enables the exchange of knowledge, facilitates communication, and allows for the dissemination of information over short or long distances.

Example sentences containing transmit

1. Radio towers transmit signals enabling us to receive stations on our car radios.
2. Cables that transmit data rapidly are essential for efficient internet connectivity.
3. Plants can transmit energy from sunlight into food through photosynthesis.
4. In biology, parents transmit traits to their children through their genes.
5. Tech companies need to transmit software updates to improve user experience.
6. Drones equipped with cameras transmit live feeds to monitors on the ground.

History and etymology of transmit

The verb 'transmit' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'transmittere,' composed of 'trans,' meaning 'across' or 'beyond,' and 'mittere,' meaning 'to send.' This Latin term, 'transmittere,' conveyed the act of sending or conveying something from one point to another. As 'transmit' became part of the English language, it retained this fundamental meaning, representing the action of sending or relaying information, signals, or objects from one place, person, or device to another. The etymology of 'transmit' underscores its pivotal role in various forms of communication, technology, and information exchange, reflecting humanity's constant quest for connectivity and the dissemination of knowledge and messages across distances.

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Further usage examples of transmit

1. Broadcast stations transmit news to keep the public informed and updated.
2. Smart devices in homes transmit data, making life convenient and efficient.
3. Scientists use special equipment to transmit signals into deep space.
4. Engineers are developing new methods to transmit power wirelessly.
5. Please transmit the message to your colleagues.
6. The radio tower will transmit the signal across the region.
7. We need to transmit the data securely.
8. He used his cellphone to transmit the photos to his computer.
9. The professor will transmit the lecture via video conference.
10. The telegraph was used to transmit messages over long distances.
11. It is essential to transmit accurate information during emergencies.
12. The computer program will transmit the files to the server.
13. The nurse will transmit the patient's medical records to the specialist.
14. The device can transmit audio wirelessly.
15. The radio station will transmit the concert to listeners at home.
16. The internet allows us to transmit information instantaneously.
17. The submarine can transmit messages underwater.
18. The courier will transmit the package to its destination.
19. The modem will transmit data over the phone line.
20. The diplomat was tasked to transmit the official message to the foreign embassy.
21. The receiver will transmit the TV signal to the screen.
22. The microphone will transmit your voice to the speakers.
23. The router will transmit the Wi-Fi signal throughout the house.



send, retain, withhold, suppress


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