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How to pronounce ubiquitous (audio)

Dictionary definition of ubiquitous

Omnipresent, seemingly present everywhere at the same time, or very commonly and widely encountered.
"The use of smartphones has become ubiquitous in today's society."

Detailed meaning of ubiquitous

When a phenomenon, object, or idea is described as ubiquitous, it implies that it can be found or observed in a multitude of places, situations, or contexts, often to the point of being nearly inescapable. Ubiquitous elements are pervasive and prevalent, frequently appearing across diverse settings. For instance, in the modern digital age, smartphones have become ubiquitous tools, as they are used across the globe in various aspects of daily life. Similarly, certain cultural trends or fashion styles may become ubiquitous, spreading quickly and influencing many people. "Ubiquitous" underscores the notion of something being everywhere and readily available, emphasizing its widespread presence and influence.

Example sentences containing ubiquitous

1. The song was ubiquitous, playing on the radio and in shops everywhere.
2. The Internet has made information ubiquitous, accessible from anywhere in the world.
3. The brand's logo was ubiquitous, appearing on products and advertising everywhere.
4. The concept of social media has become ubiquitous, affecting how people communicate and share information.
5. The smiley face emoji has become ubiquitous in electronic communication.
6. The company's advertisements were ubiquitous, appearing in magazines, on TV, and online.

History and etymology of ubiquitous

The adjective 'ubiquitous' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'ubique,' which combines 'ubi,' meaning 'where,' and 'que,' meaning 'and.' In Latin, 'ubique' meant 'everywhere' or 'in all places.' Over time, this word evolved into 'ubiquitous' in English, capturing the sense of being omnipresent or seemingly present everywhere at the same time. 'Ubiquitous' conveys the idea that something is very commonly and widely encountered, appearing in numerous places without exception, reflecting its Latin roots in the concept of being present 'wherever and everywhere.'

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Further usage examples of ubiquitous

1. The sight of people wearing earbuds has become ubiquitous in public places.
2. The fast food chain was ubiquitous, with branches located in every city and town.
3. The trend of using technology for online shopping has become ubiquitous.
4. The phrase "going green" has become ubiquitous in discussions about the environment.
5. The use of GPS has become ubiquitous in navigation, making it easier for people to find their way.
6. Smartphones are ubiquitous tools in the modern world, shaping how we communicate, work, and navigate daily life.
7. Coffee shops seem ubiquitous in bustling city streets, offering a comforting escape with their aromatic brews and cozy ambiance.
8. The omnipresence of social media in today's digital age makes it ubiquitous in our lives, facilitating global connections and information sharing.
9. Thanks to the internet, information access has become ubiquitous, revolutionizing research, communication, and knowledge sharing.
10. Traffic congestion remains ubiquitous in major cities, affecting daily commutes and urban planning.
11. Fresh flowers' fragrance becomes ubiquitous in spring, symbolizing renewal and natural beauty in gardens and parks.
12. English's global use makes it a ubiquitous language, fostering international understanding and cooperation.
13. Fast food chains are ubiquitous dining options, offering convenience and familiarity to a diverse clientele.
14. Email is ubiquitous in the modern workplace, facilitating communication and project coordination.
15. Music streaming services are ubiquitous for entertainment, granting instant access to a vast library of songs.
16. Advertising's influence is ubiquitous, shaping consumer choices and market trends.
17. Environmental pollution poses a ubiquitous challenge, demanding global efforts for mitigation.
18. The delightful aroma of freshly baked bread is ubiquitous in neighborhood bakeries, tempting passersby.
19. Credit cards enable ubiquitous cashless transactions, revolutionizing payment methods.
20. Urban graffiti serves as ubiquitous street art, adding color and social commentary to city walls.
21. Air travel has become a ubiquitous mode of transportation, connecting people worldwide.
22. Plastic waste's ubiquitous presence highlights the need for sustainable solutions.
23. Social distancing became ubiquitous during the pandemic, reshaping daily interactions.
24. Morning coffee is a ubiquitous ritual, providing a comforting start to the day for many.
25. Cell towers enable ubiquitous mobile connectivity, ensuring constant communication.



everywhere, rare, uncommon, scarce


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