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How to pronounce pervasive (audio)

Dictionary definition of pervasive

Present or spread throughout an entire area, influencing or affecting everything within it.
"The pervasive nature of the disease made it difficult to eradicate."

Detailed meaning of pervasive

It is often used to describe negative or undesirable things, such as a pervasive sense of unease or a pervasive problem that is difficult to solve. The term can also be used to describe positive things, such as a pervasive feeling of community or a pervasive sense of hope. Overall, the term suggests something that is all-encompassing and difficult to escape, whether for better or for worse.

Example sentences containing pervasive

1. The smell of smoke was pervasive throughout the entire building.
2. The influence of social media on our daily lives is pervasive.
3. Ageism is a pervasive issue in the workplace.
4. The idea that money can solve all problems is a pervasive myth.
5. In some cultures, gender inequality is still a pervasive problem.
6. The pervasive use of plastic is harming our environment.

History and etymology of pervasive

The adjective 'pervasive' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'pervadere,' which combines 'per,' meaning 'through,' and 'vadere,' meaning 'to go' or 'to walk.' In its original sense, 'pervasive' embodied the idea of something spreading or permeating through a particular area, much like walking or moving through it. Over time, the word evolved to describe something present or spread throughout an entire area, influencing or affecting everything within it. This etymology underscores the concept of something diffusing or extending widely and thoroughly, akin to the way a substance might permeate or flow through a space, which is fundamental to the meaning of 'pervasive.'

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Further usage examples of pervasive

1. The pervasive feeling of sadness overwhelmed her after the loss of her pet.
2. The use of smartphones has become pervasive in modern society.
3. The pervasive feeling of mistrust made it difficult to form alliances.
4. The pervasive nature of the disease affected the entire community.
5. The pervasive sense of anxiety made it hard to concentrate on anything else.
6. The pervasive scent of blooming flowers enveloped the entire garden, creating a fragrant paradise.
7. Social media's pervasive influence has profoundly reshaped the way we communicate and interact with one another.
8. Pollution's pervasive and destructive effects on the environment demand urgent action to mitigate the damage.
9. In the small town, the pervasive fear of the unknown lingered, casting a shadow over the community.
10. Technology's pervasive presence in our lives, from smartphones to smart homes, continues to revolutionize our daily routines.
11. Within the bustling city, the pervasive noise pollution becomes a constant backdrop, affecting the well-being of its residents.
12. The team's pervasive sense of unity and purpose propelled them to victory in the championship game.
13. Pervasive misinformation on social media platforms can distort public perception and sow discord.
14. The pervasive and irresistible aroma of freshly baked bread wafted from the bakery, drawing in hungry pedestrians.
15. Despite progress, pervasive economic inequality remains a significant challenge, with far-reaching consequences.
16. Pervasive surveillance technologies raise important questions about the balance between security and privacy.
17. As night fell, the pervasive darkness of the dense forest created an eerie and unsettling atmosphere.
18. Discrimination in the workplace can be pervasive, impacting employees' morale and well-being.
19. Pervasive innovation in fields like artificial intelligence and biotechnology promises to reshape our future.
20. The pervasive feeling of nostalgia washed over her as she revisited her childhood home.
21. Her pervasive anxiety had a profound impact on her daily life, making even simple tasks feel overwhelming.
22. Pervasive inequality in society undermines social cohesion and can lead to unrest.
23. Pervasive use of technology has ushered in the digital age, transforming the way we live, work, and communicate.
24. The artist was inspired by the pervasive beauty of nature, capturing its essence in breathtaking paintings.
25. Addressing pervasive corruption within government institutions is crucial for restoring public trust and integrity.



widespread, limited, rare, isolated


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