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How to pronounce unblemished (audio)

Dictionary definition of unblemished

Free from any mark, flaw, or defect, and is in a pristine or perfect condition.
"Her unblemished complexion was the envy of everyone around her."

Detailed meaning of unblemished

It can describe the surface or appearance of an object, such as an unblemished piece of paper, a smooth and unblemished face, or an unblemished car with no scratches or dents. The term can also be used more abstractly to describe a person's character or reputation, such as an unblemished record of honesty, an unblemished reputation for excellence, or an unblemished moral character. The word 'unblemished' conveys a sense of purity, cleanliness, and perfection, and is often used in a positive or idealizing sense to describe something that is without any faults or imperfections.

Example sentences containing unblemished

1. The athlete's unblemished record was a testament to his talent and hard work.
2. The antique vase was a rare find with an unblemished glaze.
3. His track record of success remained unblemished throughout his career.
4. The freshly fallen snow created an unblemished blanket over the landscape.
5. The diplomat's unblemished reputation made her an ideal candidate for the negotiations.
6. The young athlete displayed an unblemished record of victories in the competition.

History and etymology of unblemished

The adjective 'unblemished' has its etymological roots in the combination of 'un-' (meaning 'not') and 'blemish,' which comes from the Middle English word 'blesmisshe,' ultimately derived from the Old French term 'blesmir,' meaning 'to damage' or 'to mar.' 'Unblemished' describes something that is free from any mark, flaw, or defect and is in a pristine or perfect condition. The term embodies the concept of purity and flawlessness, emphasizing the absence of any imperfections that might diminish its quality or appearance. 'Unblemished' is often used to characterize objects, conditions, or individuals that meet the highest standards of excellence and beauty, reflecting the human capacity to appreciate and admire things that are truly perfect and untarnished.

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Further usage examples of unblemished

1. The crystal-clear lake reflected the unblemished beauty of the surrounding mountains.
2. The writer's unblemished prose captivated readers and critics alike.
3. The detective's unblemished record of solving cases earned him the respect of his peers.
4. The actor's unblemished portrayal of the character brought the story to life.
5. The company's commitment to quality resulted in unblemished products reaching customers.
6. The historical artifact remained unblemished despite its age and exposure to the elements.
7. The team's unblemished performance secured them a spot in the championship game.
8. The artist's unblemished canvas held the promise of a masterpiece in the making.
9. The document's unblemished authenticity was crucial in proving its historical significance.
10. The garden's unblemished blooms showcased the gardener's dedication and skill.
11. The lawyer's unblemished reputation bolstered her client's confidence in the case.
12. The car's unblemished finish gleamed in the sunlight, catching everyone's eye.
13. The scientist's unblemished research methods ensured the credibility of her findings.
14. Despite facing challenges, her determination to maintain an unblemished character remained unwavering.



flawless, marred, flawed, scarred


Cleanliness and Upkeep, Wholeness and Completion, Excellence and Eminence, Aesthetic and Appearance

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