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open, closed, sealed, shut


TOEFL 12, Wholeness and Completion, Endings and Transitions, Absence and Lack



How to pronounce unclosed (audio)


Dictionary definition of unclosed

Not shut, sealed, or completed.
"The unclosed case remained a mystery, haunting the detective for years."

Detailed meaning of unclosed

When something is unclosed, it suggests that a closure or finalization has not taken place, leaving an opening, gap, or unresolved state. It can refer to physical objects like doors, windows, or containers that have not been properly shut or sealed. In a metaphorical sense, it can also describe situations, processes, or relationships that remain incomplete, unfinished, or unresolved. Unclosed may imply a lack of conclusion, clarity, or finality, indicating that there is more to be done or decided. It can evoke a sense of incompleteness or vulnerability, as the absence of closure leaves room for potential risks, uncertainties, or further actions.

Example sentences containing unclosed

1. The unclosed gate allowed the dog to wander out of the yard.
2. Please make sure to properly close the unclosed window to keep out the cold air.
3. The unclosed container spilled its contents all over the floor.
4. Her unclosed remarks left the conversation hanging and unresolved.
5. The unclosed chapter of their relationship kept them both wondering what could have been.
6. I felt uneasy with the unclosed deal, unsure of its potential consequences.

History and etymology of unclosed

The adjective 'unclosed' can be examined by looking at its root word, 'closed.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is used to negate or reverse the quality of being 'closed.' 'Closed' has its origins in the Old English word 'clūsan,' which means 'to close' or 'to shut.' Over time, 'closed' evolved in the English language to describe something that is shut, sealed, or completed. Consequently, 'unclosed' signifies the opposite, denoting something that is not shut, sealed, or completed. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'closed' and its association with the state of being sealed or shut.

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Further usage examples of unclosed

1. The unclosed parenthesis in the code caused errors in the program.
2. The unclosed investigation left many unanswered questions for the detectives.
3. The unclosed letter revealed a sense of urgency and unfinished thoughts.
4. We need to address the unclosed issues from the previous meeting before moving forward.
5. His unclosed wounds made it difficult for him to fully heal and move on.
6. The unclosed door creaked softly in the night breeze.
7. Her unclosed book lay open on the bedside table.
8. Unclosed curtains let in the morning sunlight.
9. The unclosed case remained a mystery to the detectives.
10. He left the unclosed envelope on the kitchen counter.
11. Unclosed wounds from the past still haunted him.
12. The unclosed chapter of their relationship left questions.
13. Unclosed deals often lead to misunderstandings.
14. The unclosed browser tabs cluttered his computer screen.
15. Unclosed windows rattled in the gusty wind.
16. The unclosed umbrella struggled against the wind.
17. Unclosed negotiations caused tension among the team.
18. His unclosed email remained unread in the inbox.
19. Unclosed discussions delayed the decision-making process.
20. The unclosed gate allowed the dog to escape.
21. Unclosed gaps in the wall let in cold drafts.
22. Unclosed gaps in knowledge hindered their progress.
23. The unclosed jar of pickles needed refrigeration.
24. Unclosed tickets awaited purchase at the box office.
25. Unclosed tabs on his browser slowed down the computer.

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