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inflexible, flexible, accommodating, yielding


Hurdles and Setbacks, Dominance and Dissent, Discipline and Resolve



How to pronounce uncompromising (audio)


Dictionary definition of uncompromising

Unwilling to make concessions or to compromise.
"The parent's uncompromising approach to discipline led to well-behaved children."

Detailed meaning of uncompromising

It can be used to describe a person who is unwilling to make any changes or to give up any of their demands or positions. It can also be used to describe a situation or an issue that is resistant to any kind of compromise or resolution. Uncompromising people are often seen as being inflexible, dogmatic, and unwilling to consider alternative viewpoints or solutions. They are often considered to be unwilling to compromise or make any concessions, which can lead to difficulties in resolving conflicts or reaching agreements. In a positive sense, it can imply that the person or thing is standing up for what they believe in and are unwilling to compromise their values or principles. In a negative sense, it can imply that the person or thing is stubborn and unwilling to consider other perspectives.

Example sentences containing uncompromising

1. Her uncompromising standards for cleanliness make her house spotless, almost like a museum.
2. In an uncompromising tone, he made it clear that lateness would not be tolerated.
3. The chef's uncompromising approach to using only organic ingredients made him stand out.
4. She was uncompromising in her pursuit of justice, never cutting corners or taking shortcuts.
5. The uncompromising quality of her work sets her apart from her competitors in the field.
6. The mountain's uncompromising terrain tested even the most experienced climbers.

History and etymology of uncompromising

The adjective 'uncompromising' has an etymology that aligns with its resolute and unyielding nature. It is formed by adding the prefix 'un-' meaning 'not' or 'without' to the word 'compromise.' 'Compromise' itself comes from the Middle French word 'compromis,' meaning 'a mutual promise or agreement.' When combined, 'uncompromising' signifies the absence or refusal of making concessions or mutual agreements. It describes individuals or positions that are unwavering and steadfast, unwilling to negotiate or find middle ground. The etymology of 'uncompromising' underscores its inherent resistance to compromise, emphasizing the resolute and unyielding stance it represents.

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Further usage examples of uncompromising

1. His uncompromising stance on ethics made him a polarizing figure in the corporate world.
2. With uncompromising discipline, the athlete trained daily, never missing a single session.
3. Their uncompromising demands for a pay raise led to an inevitable stand-off with management.
4. The teacher's uncompromising approach to grading made students work harder for their grades.
5. She was an uncompromising activist, fearless in the face of daunting challenges.
6. The artist was uncompromising about his vision, refusing to make changes for commercial gain.
7. His uncompromising loyalty to his friends made him a person everyone wanted to be around.
8. The general's uncompromising strategy led to victory but was controversial due to its risks.
9. Her uncompromising attention to detail made her the perfect candidate for the editing job.
10. The uncompromising desert landscape made survival a monumental challenge for explorers.
11. Their relationship ended because of his uncompromising attitude towards her career choices.
12. The politician's uncompromising rhetoric alienated some, but it galvanized his core supporters.
13. Her uncompromising integrity made it impossible for her to overlook the team's ethical lapses.
14. With an uncompromising eye for design, she transformed a rundown home into a modern marvel.
15. The musician's uncompromising sound defied genres, making him difficult to categorize.
16. In an uncompromising market, only the companies with innovative strategies could survive.
17. His uncompromising devotion to his faith made him a pillar in his religious community.
18. Her uncompromising defense of animal rights won her both admirers and vehement critics.
19. The software's uncompromising security features were its primary selling point for businesses.

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