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How to pronounce obdurate (audio)

Dictionary definition of obdurate

Stubbornly resistant to change, persuasion, or moral influence, often displaying a persistent and unyielding attitude.
"She was obdurate in her refusal to accept help, insisting on doing everything on her own."

Detailed meaning of obdurate

When a person is described as obdurate, it implies that they are unwavering in their opinions, beliefs, or actions, even in the face of compelling reasons to reconsider or adapt. This term conveys a sense of inflexibility and a refusal to be swayed by external factors, suggesting that the individual is resistant to compromise or empathy. For example, an obdurate person may continue to hold onto a contentious viewpoint despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, or an obdurate criminal may resist rehabilitation efforts. "Obdurate" underscores the idea of a steadfast and unyielding disposition, often associated with a lack of willingness to change or be influenced.

Example sentences containing obdurate

1. The prisoner's obdurate refusal to confess made it difficult for the interrogators to extract information.
2. She was obdurate in her refusal to compromise, unwilling to budge on her position.
3. The company's obdurate stance on the issue led to a prolonged labor strike.
4. He had an obdurate personality, stubbornly refusing to change his ways.
5. The obdurate nature of the rock made it difficult to break apart.
6. The government's obdurate attitude towards the crisis led to a worsening of the situation.

History and etymology of obdurate

The adjective 'obdurate' has its etymological origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'obduratus,' which is the past participle of 'obdurare.' 'Ob-' in Latin often denotes a sense of intensification, and 'durare' means 'to harden' or 'to be firm.' Therefore, 'obdurate' etymologically signifies a state of being intensely hardened or firm. Over time, this term evolved to describe individuals who are stubbornly resistant to change, persuasion, or moral influence, often displaying a persistent and unyielding attitude. The etymology of 'obdurate' underscores the idea of a hardened and unyielding character, emphasizing the difficulty of altering one's mindset or convictions.

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Further usage examples of obdurate

1. She was obdurate in her defense of her beliefs, unwilling to entertain any alternative viewpoints.
2. The obdurate attitude of the board of directors led to the downfall of the company.
3. He was obdurate in his refusal to apologize for his actions, despite the consequences.
4. The patient's obdurate refusal to take medication made it difficult for the doctors to treat him.
5. The obdurate attitude of the leader made it difficult for the team to work together.
6. He had an obdurate determination to succeed despite the odds against him.
7. The obdurate child refused to eat his vegetables, even after much coaxing.
8. Her obdurate attitude towards change hindered the team's progress on the project.
9. Despite evidence to the contrary, he remained obdurate in his beliefs.
10. The obdurate prisoner showed no remorse, even when presented with his wrongdoings.
11. His obdurate stance on the issue prevented any meaningful dialogue from happening.
12. She was obdurate about her decision to quit the job, ignoring any pleas to stay.
13. Faced with an obdurate management, the workers decided to go on strike.
14. The obdurate defender held his ground, refusing to let the opponent score.
15. The senator's obdurate refusal to compromise led to a legislative deadlock.
16. His obdurate nature made it difficult to negotiate any kind of settlement.
17. The obdurate horse would not move, regardless of the rider's commands.
18. The old man's obdurate views on technology kept him disconnected from modern life.
19. Her obdurate resistance to feedback made her difficult to work with.
20. The obdurate judge would not reconsider the harsh sentence he had imposed.
21. Despite the protests, the mayor remained obdurate on the controversial policy.
22. The coach was obdurate, sticking to an outdated strategy despite losses.
23. Even financial difficulties did not make him obdurate about pursuing his dreams.
24. The jury was obdurate and could not be swayed, leading to a hung jury.
25. Her obdurate denial to see her own faults led to the breakdown of friendships.
26. His obdurate persistence paid off when he finally achieved his long-held goals.



stubborn, flexible, compliant, yielding


Character Traits and Behavior, Certainty and Conviction, Adversities and Complications, Authority and Order, Demanding and Challenging, Adversity and Obstacle, Temperament and Disposition

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