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How to pronounce urge (audio)


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Dictionary definition of urge

To strongly encourage, persuade, or push someone to take a specific action or adopt a particular mindset or behavior.
"The committee will urge the mayor to allocate more funds for education."

Detailed meaning of urge

When we urge, we express a sense of insistence or compelling desire, often motivated by a belief in the importance or necessity of the action. Urging can involve using persuasive language, appealing to emotions, or presenting compelling reasons to motivate others. It is a way of advocating or prompting someone to act in a certain way, pursue a particular course of action, or embrace a specific viewpoint. Urging can be seen in various contexts, such as urging someone to make a decision, urging for social change, urging adherence to guidelines or principles, or urging for support or assistance. It is a means of expressing a strong recommendation, encouragement, or motivation to elicit a desired response or outcome.

Example sentences containing urge

1. I urge you to consider the consequences before making a decision.
2. Doctors urge patients to drink plenty of water during the summer.
3. Environmentalists urge the government to take immediate action against pollution.
4. The advertisement seems to urge consumers to buy the product without second thoughts.
5. He felt an inner voice urge him to speak up during the meeting.
6. Teachers often urge students to think critically about the information presented to them.

History and etymology of urge

The verb 'urge' finds its origins in the Latin word 'urgere,' which means 'to press' or 'to push.' This root word, 'urgere,' served as the foundation for the development of the modern concept of urging someone to take specific actions or adopt particular attitudes. Over time, 'urge' evolved in English to encompass the idea of strongly encouraging or persuading someone to do something. Thus, the etymology of 'urge' highlights its historical connection to the notion of applying pressure or pushing someone towards a particular course of action or mindset.

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Further usage examples of urge

1. The hunger pangs urge me to make a sandwich right now.
2. Safety experts urge parents to childproof their homes to prevent accidents.
3. I can sense the waves urge me to jump in and experience the ocean.
4. Nutritionists urge people to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diets.
5. The coach will urge the team to give their best in the championship game.
6. I urge you to seize this opportunity with both hands.
7. She urges everyone to join the environmental movement.
8. Let's urge them to reconsider their decision.
9. The coach will urge the team to give their best effort.
10. Urging caution, the scientist warned of potential risks.
11. I strongly urge you to attend this important meeting.
12. They urge employees to prioritize work-life balance.
13. Urging unity, the leader addressed the divided nation.
14. I urge you to explore new horizons in your career.
15. We should urge our representatives to pass this bill.
16. Urging innovation, the company fosters creativity.
17. Parents often urge their children to study hard.
18. The doctor will urge patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
19. I urge you to reconsider your stance on this issue.
20. Urging mindfulness, the guru taught meditation.
21. She urges her friends to support local businesses.
22. Let's urge the community to come together in times of need.
23. Urging empathy, the teacher discussed diversity.
24. I strongly urge you to follow your dreams.
25. They urge society to address pressing social issues.



impel, discourage, dissuade, deter


Aid and Assistance, Middle School 6, Persuasion and Negotiation

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