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How to pronounce usurp (audio)


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Dictionary definition of usurp

To take or seize power or authority without having a legal right to do so.
"He attempted to usurp the throne from the rightful king."


Detailed meaning of usurp

This can happen through force or by convincing others to support the takeover. Usurpation is the act of usurping and a usurper is a person who has taken power in this way. It is often used to describe a situation in which a ruler or leader is overthrown and replaced by someone else who has no legitimate claim to the position. In general, usurpation is considered to be a violation of the principle of lawful succession and is condemned by democratic societies.

Example sentences containing usurp

1. The new leader was accused of trying to usurp power.
2. The company's aggressive expansion strategy was seen as an attempt to usurp the competition.
3. He was accused of trying to usurp the role of the leader in the group.
4. The new technology threatened to usurp the traditional methods of production.
5. The newer version of the software was seen as a potential usurp of the older version.
6. The company's rapid growth was seen as a potential usurp of the industry's established players.

History and etymology of usurp

The verb 'usurp' has a compelling etymology that traces back to Latin. It derives from the Latin word 'usurpare,' which is a combination of 'usus,' meaning 'use,' and 'rapere,' meaning 'to seize' or 'to grab.' Therefore, 'usurp' originally meant 'to seize or use unlawfully.' Over time, it came to specifically refer to the act of taking or seizing power, authority, or a position without having a legal or rightful claim to it. The etymology of 'usurp' effectively encapsulates the concept of illegitimate appropriation and the wrongful acquisition of control or authority.

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Further usage examples of usurp

1. He was accused of trying to usurp the role of the manager in the department.
2. The new product was seen as a potential usurp of the market share of the existing products.
3. He was accused of trying to usurp the authority of the elected officials.
4. The new bill aimed to usurp the power of the state government.
5. The rise of the new political party was seen as a potential usurp of the existing parties.
6. The rebel faction hatched a plot to usurp the government's authority.
7. She skillfully maneuvered to usurp the coveted leadership role.
8. The coup d'état was a bid to forcibly usurp the ruling regime.
9. He launched a hostile takeover to usurp control of the family business.
10. The dictator's ruthless ambition knew no bounds as he sought to usurp all opposition.
11. They conspired in the shadows, plotting to usurp the throne from the reigning monarch.
12. The upstart company's disruptive innovation threatened to usurp the market leader.
13. The military junta successfully executed its plan to usurp power from the elected government.
14. The hostile takeover bid was a strategic move to usurp the venerable corporation.
15. The usurped monarch was forced into exile, seeking refuge in foreign lands.
16. The ambitious general clandestinely plotted to usurp the presidency through a coup.
17. She deftly navigated the corporate landscape to usurp the top-ranking position.
18. While the coup initially seemed promising, it ultimately failed to usurp the government.
19. The rebels mobilized their forces, aiming to usurp control of the war-torn region.
20. He was accused of orchestrating a Machiavellian scheme to usurp the CEO's authority.
21. The opposition party mounted a vigorous campaign to usurp the ruling party's dominance.
22. The conspiracy entailed a complex web of deception, designed to usurp the rightful heir.
23. They deployed aggressive tactics to attempt to usurp the board of directors.
24. The bitter power struggle between the siblings culminated in one's attempt to usurp the other.
25. Despite being usurped, the deposed leader vowed to mount a relentless campaign to reclaim their position.


seize, relinquish, surrender, yield


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