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How to pronounce circumspect (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'circumspect'

Cautious, prudent, or careful in one's actions and decisions.
"One must always be circumspect of those who offer something for nothing in return."

Detailed Meaning of 'circumspect'

It refers to a person who is aware of the potential risks and consequences of their actions, and who takes them into consideration before acting. Being circumspect means being aware of the potential risks and consequences of one's actions, and taking them into account before making a decision. It implies a degree of caution, prudence and careful consideration. Circumspect people tend to be thoughtful, calculating, and have a tendency to weigh the pros and cons of a situation before taking action. They are also aware of the potential risks and are able to avoid unnecessary trouble or danger. In a more general sense, circumspect refers to the ability to be cautious, prudent, and careful when making decisions, it implies a degree of caution, prudence, and careful consideration.

History and Etymology of 'circumspect'

The adjective 'circumspect' has its etymological origins in Latin, originating from the word 'circumspectus,' which is a combination of 'circum' (meaning 'around') and 'specere' (meaning 'to look' or 'to see'). This combination essentially conveys the idea of looking around or being vigilant. As the term evolved into Middle English, it retained its sense of being cautious, prudent, or careful in one's actions and decisions. Therefore, the etymology of 'circumspect' underscores its core meaning of carefully considering one's surroundings or circumstances before taking any action, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and thoughtfulness in decision-making.

Examples of 'circumspect' in a Sentence

1. The lawyer was circumspect in his representation of the client, not wanting to compromise their case.
2. The scientist was circumspect in his experiments, making sure to follow all safety protocols.
3. The consumer was circumspect in their purchases, only buying products from reputable brands.
4. The traveler was circumspect in their choices, avoiding areas known for danger.
5. The investors were circumspect with their investments, not willing to take unnecessary risks.
6. The circumspect investor always researches before making financial decisions.
7. She approached the unfamiliar situation with a circumspect attitude.
8. Being circumspect in negotiations can lead to better outcomes.
9. The circumspect driver obeyed traffic laws and avoided accidents.
10. It's wise to be circumspect when sharing personal information online.
11. A circumspect approach to diplomacy can prevent conflicts.
12. He gave a circumspect response to the sensitive question.
13. A circumspect leader weighs the consequences of every decision.
14. The circumspect hiker packed extra supplies for the journey.
15. A circumspect approach to health involves regular check-ups.
16. The circumspect chef meticulously follows the recipe.
17. Being circumspect with words can avoid misunderstandings.
18. The circumspect student double-checks their work for errors.
19. A circumspect traveler plans for unexpected challenges.
20. The circumspect journalist verifies sources before publishing.
21. She remained circumspect about her future career choices.
22. A circumspect approach to investments minimizes risks.
23. The circumspect explorer studied maps and weather conditions.
24. It's essential to be circumspect when dealing with sensitive issues.
25. The circumspect decision-making process led to success.





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