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How to pronounce vilification (audio)


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Dictionary definition of vilification

The act of defaming, slandering, or maligning someone or something in order to damage their reputation or portray them in a negative light.
"The whistleblower endured vilification from powerful entities for exposing corporate wrongdoing."

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Detailed meaning of vilification

It involves the deliberate spreading of false or derogatory information with the intention of belittling or discrediting the target. Vilification can take various forms, such as public criticism, character assassination, or the dissemination of rumors and lies. It is often driven by prejudice, personal animosity, or an attempt to gain an advantage by tarnishing the image of another individual, group, or idea. Vilification can have severe consequences, as it can harm a person's reputation, undermine their credibility, or incite public hostility towards them. The term "vilification" highlights the malicious and harmful nature of the actions involved in defaming someone or something.

Example sentences containing vilification

1. The politician faced widespread vilification in the media after being accused of corruption.
2. The celebrity filed a lawsuit against the tabloid for the vilification she experienced in their articles.
3. Online trolls engaged in relentless vilification, targeting individuals based on their race or gender.
4. The campaign aimed to combat the vilification of marginalized communities and promote inclusivity.
5. The journalist's exposé on government misconduct led to her vilification by high-ranking officials.
6. The company's reputation suffered due to the vilification campaign launched by its competitors.

History and etymology of vilification

The noun 'vilification' is rooted in the Latin word 'vilis,' which means 'cheap' or 'worthless.' In Latin, 'vilis' was often used to describe something of little value or importance. Over time, the term 'vilification' emerged to represent the act of defaming, slandering, or maligning someone or something in order to damage their reputation or portray them negatively. It conveys the idea of attempting to reduce the worth or esteem of the subject through false or harmful statements. The etymology of 'vilification' underscores the intent to diminish or degrade the reputation of another, emphasizing the negative and detrimental nature of this action.

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Further usage examples of vilification

1. The student union condemned the vilification of LGBTQ+ students and called for tolerance and acceptance.
2. The artist faced vilification for her controversial artwork that challenged societal norms.
3. The public figure chose to step down from their position due to relentless vilification by the media.
4. The organization launched a counter-campaign to address the vilification of refugees and foster empathy.
5. The online forum became a breeding ground for vilification, with users spreading hate speech and inciting violence.
6. The constant vilification of the politician made headlines.
7. Media outlets accused him of relentless vilification.
8. Legal action was taken against the company for vilification.
9. Her career suffered due to baseless vilification.
10. The courtroom battle centered on vilification claims.
11. Online forums can be breeding grounds for vilification.
12. His reputation was tarnished by false vilification.
13. The smear campaign led to a lawsuit for vilification.
14. The documentary exposed the vilification of activists.
15. The press conference addressed ongoing vilification.
16. The public demanded an end to the vilification.
17. Social media amplifies instances of vilification.
18. The vilification of minorities is a grave concern.
19. The novel explores the impact of vilification.
20. Activists fight against vilification in the media.
21. The celebrity faced constant vilification in the tabloids.
22. Legal experts discussed the laws against vilification.
23. The organization launched an anti-vilification campaign.
24. Online platforms grapple with vilification policies.
25. The journalist was praised for exposing vilification.



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