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How to pronounce volatile (audio)


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Dictionary definition of volatile

Highly unstable, unpredictable, or subject to rapid and significant changes.
"She had a volatile temper, often erupting in anger over minor issues."


Detailed meaning of volatile

It is often used to describe substances or situations that can easily vaporize, evaporate, or explode. In a broader sense, "volatile" can also describe individuals or emotions that are prone to sudden and extreme shifts in behavior or mood. When applied to financial markets, the term "volatile" indicates frequent and significant fluctuations in prices or values. Overall, "volatile" conveys the notion of uncertainty, fragility, and the potential for sudden and dramatic shifts.

Example sentences containing volatile

1. The volatile liquid evaporated within seconds of being exposed to air.
2. The stock market experienced a volatile trading day, with prices constantly fluctuating.
3. The political situation in the region remained volatile, with tensions escalating.
4. The volcanic eruption unleashed a volatile mix of gases and ash into the atmosphere.
5. He decided not to invest in the volatile cryptocurrency market due to its unpredictable nature.
6. The patient's condition was volatile, with sudden improvements followed by rapid deterioration.

History and etymology of volatile

The adjective 'volatile' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'volatilis,' which means 'fleeting' or 'evaporating.' In Latin, 'volatilis' was used to describe substances that easily evaporated or turned into vapor. Over time, the term was adopted into English as 'volatile,' where it came to represent things that are highly unstable, unpredictable, or subject to rapid and significant changes. 'Volatile' describes situations, substances, or conditions that can change suddenly and often explosively, much like the evaporation of a volatile substance into the air. The etymology of 'volatile' underscores its historical association with rapid and unpredictable changes, emphasizing the transient and fleeting nature of the things it describes.

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Further usage examples of volatile

1. The chemical reaction created a volatile mixture that required careful handling.
2. The company's profits were subject to volatile changes due to the unstable economy.
3. The artist had a volatile artistic style, experimenting with different techniques and mediums.
4. The team's performance was volatile, swinging between impressive victories and crushing defeats.
5. The political debate became increasingly volatile as emotions ran high.
6. The weather in this region is notoriously volatile, with sudden shifts in temperature and precipitation.
7. She had a volatile relationship with her ex-partner, marked by frequent arguments and reconciliations.
8. The stock market crash resulted in volatile market conditions, causing panic among investors.
9. The volatile situation required immediate intervention from law enforcement.
10. The volatile chemical compound must be stored in a secure and controlled environment.
11. The volatile gases emitted by the factory posed a significant risk to the surrounding environment.
12. The athlete's performance was volatile, sometimes setting records and other times struggling to perform.
13. The volatile currency exchange rates made international business transactions more challenging and uncertain.
14. The stock market can be incredibly volatile, with prices fluctuating wildly.
15. Their relationship was so volatile that arguments erupted daily.
16. Volatile weather patterns made it hard to predict the day's forecast.
17. The political situation in the region remained highly volatile.
18. Dealing with a volatile chemical requires extreme caution.
19. His mood swings were a result of his volatile emotional state.
20. The volatile nature of the experiment made it challenging to control.
21. Investors were wary of putting money into the volatile cryptocurrency market.
22. Volatile negotiations between the two countries threatened peace.
23. A volatile mix of factors led to the economic crisis.
24. The team struggled to manage the volatile situation during the crisis.



unstable, stable, constant, unchangeable


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