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How to pronounce fickle (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fickle

Having a tendency to change one's mind or feelings frequently, often without good reason.
"The customer's loyalty was fickle, easily swayed by sales and discounts."


Detailed meaning of fickle

It is often used to describe people who are indecisive or unreliable. Someone who is fickle may change their opinion or attitude about something frequently, making it hard for others to predict or rely on them. Additionally, fickle can also be used to describe something that is subject to change or likely to change frequently, such as the weather or market conditions. In a romantic context, fickle refers to someone who is unfaithful, not committed to a relationship, or easily falls in and out of love.

Example sentences containing fickle

1. Her mood was fickle, shifting from happy to sad without warning.
2. The weather was fickle, changing from sunny to rainy in an instant.
3. The crowd was fickle, turning from enthusiastic to disinterested quickly.
4. The stock market was fickle, with prices fluctuating wildly.
5. The fashion trend was fickle, with new styles emerging every season.
6. The judge was fickle, making unexpected decisions without reason.

History and etymology of fickle

The adjective 'fickle' has its origins in Old English, where it was originally spelled as 'ficol.' This Old English term is believed to be related to the Old English word 'fic,' which means 'deceitful' or 'fraudulent.' Over time, the word 'fickle' evolved to describe someone who is prone to changing their mind or feelings frequently, often without a clear or justifiable reason. The etymology of 'fickle' suggests a sense of unsteadiness and unpredictability, reflecting the idea of a person's thoughts or emotions being deceitful in their inconsistency.

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Further usage examples of fickle

1. The celebrity's popularity was fickle, constantly changing with the times.
2. The athlete's performance was fickle, with highs and lows in every game.
3. The politics was fickle, with alliances shifting frequently.
4. The fortune was fickle, bringing success one day and failure the next.
5. The love was fickle, fading quickly and easily.
6. Her fickle nature made it hard for her to commit to long-term relationships.
7. Fickle weather patterns in the region often result in unexpected rain showers.
8. The stock market is known for its fickle fluctuations, causing uncertainty for investors.
9. He grew frustrated with his friend's fickle behavior, never knowing what to expect.
10. Fickle voters can have a significant impact on the outcome of an election.
11. The fickle nature of fame can be overwhelming, with fans and critics alike constantly changing their opinions.
12. She struggled with her own fickle emotions, making it challenging to maintain stable relationships.
13. The cat's fickle eating habits left its owner constantly trying to find a food it liked.
14. Fickle trends in music mean that what's popular today may be forgotten tomorrow.
15. Making fickle decisions based on short-term emotions can lead to regrets later in life.
16. Her fickle moods at work made it difficult for her colleagues to predict how she would react.
17. Depending on fickle support from unreliable friends can be disappointing.
18. Fickle circumstances, such as unexpected job opportunities, can alter the course of one's life.
19. His fickle tastes in fashion meant he was constantly updating his wardrobe.
20. Fickle luck seemed to be on his side that day, as he won every game he played.
21. Her fickle desires and impulsive decisions often led to overspending on unnecessary items.
22. The fickle winds of change brought a wave of innovation to the industry.
23. Fickle friendships can be emotionally draining, as they are characterized by constant ups and downs.
24. Fickle attention spans in the digital age challenge content creators to keep audiences engaged.
25. Fickle public opinions on social issues can create divisions within communities.



changeable, constant, steadfast, reliable


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