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How to pronounce capricious (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'capricious'

Unpredictable and subject to sudden changes of mood or behavior.
"Her capricious nature made it difficult to predict what she would do next."

Detailed Meaning of 'capricious'

It is characterized by a lack of consistency and a tendency to act impulsively, without thought or reason. Capricious is often used to describe people who are impulsive, changeable and prone to make sudden and unexpected decisions. Capriciousness can also refer to a person who is whimsical, and makes decisions based on their own whims or fancies, rather than any logical or consistent reasoning. Capricious decisions can also be seen as arbitrary, they are not based on any specific rule or principle, and can be difficult to anticipate or understand. In a more general sense, capricious refers to something that is unpredictable, changeable and subject to sudden mood swings, and it's often used to describe people who are impulsive, and make decisions without any clear reason or logic.

History and Etymology of 'capricious'

The adjective 'capricious' has its origins in the Latin word 'capriciosus,' which means 'fanciful' or 'whimsical.' This Latin term is derived from 'capricornus,' the word for 'goat' in Latin. The connection between a goat and unpredictability may seem puzzling, but it can be traced back to the behavior of goats, which are known for their agile and sometimes unpredictable movements. In ancient times, goats were often seen as symbols of playful and erratic behavior. As the word 'capricious' passed into English from Latin, it retained this notion of unpredictability and being subject to sudden changes of mood or behavior, making it a fitting term to describe someone or something whimsical and changeable.

Examples of 'capricious' in a Sentence

1. Living under the capricious rule of the tyrant was a constant source of anxiety.
2. The capricious nature of life makes it both exciting and unpredictable.
3. The capricious kitten was constantly bouncing from one activity to the next.
4. Despite his capricious attitude, he was loved by all for his sense of humor.
5. The capricious shifts in the political landscape have left many feeling uncertain.
6. Dealing with the capricious demands of the customers can be challenging.
7. She adored the capricious charms of her young daughter's unpredictable behavior.
8. The capricious tendencies of the wind made sailing in these waters a challenge.
9. The capricious fluctuations in temperature made it hard to dress appropriately.
10. His capricious artistic style always keeps his audience guessing.
11. The capricious nature of the lottery makes it a gamble not everyone is willing to take.
12. Despite the capricious rain showers, the outdoor concert went on as scheduled.
13. Her capricious decision to quit her job and travel the world surprised everyone.
14. The capricious economy has many people worried about the future.





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